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Welcome Back, Mustang Parents!

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1 Welcome Back, Mustang Parents!
Tyler Meinhart/Room 206 Class: Honors American Government *Please sign in at the front of the room

2 Contact Information: Tyler Meinhart Room 206 Website:

3 Introduction: Majored in history and minored in German at the University of Pittsburgh Went to Johns Hopkins University for Masters in Teaching First taught at Oakland Mills Middle and High Schools Second year at Marriotts Ridge

4 Why teaching matters to me:

5 Class Website

6 What we do in class: 1.) Warm-up 2.) Introduction to day’s lesson
3.) Activity 4.) Review and summary 5.) Preview of next’s day topic and importance

7 Grading: I use the standard Howard County grading scale:
79.5% – 89.4% B 69.5% – 79.4% C 59.5% % D 59.4% and Below E I grade on straight points – I do not weigh grades.

8 Quarter 1: Principles of Governmental Systems
A.) Purposes of Government B.) Types of Governmental Systems C.) Historical Foundations of American Government D.) Principles of the American governmental system

9 What we’ve covered: A.) Purposes (from Preamble)
B.) Types (power by authority and level) *English origins of the American Government

10 The Remaining Quarters:
II: Structure, Organization and Functions of American Government III: Influencing Government IV: Financial Literacy/Influencing Government/Establishing Justice

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