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Reservoir High School World of Work Preparing for the World of Work.

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1 Reservoir High School World of Work Preparing for the World of Work

2 Objective Students will be able to: 1. 1. Identify qualities that employers, admissions officers etc. seek in an employee or student. 2. 2. Identify components of a successful interview 3. 3. Understand Reservoir World of Work (WOW)Process

3 What is the World of Work? As a part of your graduation requirement and to help prepare you for life, each student in HCPSS participates in the ‘World of Work’ event on either 4/12 or 4/13. Includes: Resume, Interview, and 4 year plan TURN RESUME INTO ENGLISH TEACHER

4 UPCOMING EVENT Reservoir High School presents COLLEGE PLANNING CONFERENCE Wednesday, March 14 th 7-9pm

5 Interviewing Skills

6 In Partners/Small Groups Brainstorm You are the Boss….You have to hire a new employee…What qualities and skills do you want from your future employees? Discuss and record with your partner. Group 1: U of MD Admissions Group 2: Sale & Marketing for the Ravens Group 3: Sales Rep. at Hollister Group 4: Restaurant worker at Looney’s Group 5: Internship at Under Armour Group 6: Sales for Facebook

7 Build a List! What qualities did the class brainstorm?

8 Do You Have What It Takes?? Decisiveness Ability to communicate Common sense Willingness to work Perseverance Alertness Ability to look ahead Prior work experience Leadership skills Ability to work as a team member Motivation Maturity Personality Hobbies & interests Attitude Appearance Character Loyalty Reliability Tact

9 Letting Your Personality Shine What do you do to demonstrate the characteristics employers are looking for?? In school, community, sports, work, family, friends, etc A BIG MISTAKE is not using specific examples to support your qualifications in an interview!

10 Before the Interview GET PREPARED Make sure you have updated copies of your resume to bring to the interview Find out as much as you can about the school or company Pick out clothes for the interview, making sure they are clean and pressed

11 Dressing for Success Do’s for Males Dress nicely a pair of slacks, button down shirt, tie and sports coat or a suit are preferred. Shoes not sneakers are best Wear clean clothes without wrinkles Nails should be clean and neat Wear deodorant Make sure hair is neat Do’s for Females Dress nicely a nice dress skirt and blouse or a pair of slacks and a blouse with a blazer are preferred. Closed toe shoes are best Wear pantyhose in neutral colors no fishnet, wild colors or patterns Limit jewelry Wear deodorant Make sure your hair is neat

12 JUST A REMINDER Reservoir High School presents COLLEGE PLANNING CONFERENCE Wednesday, March 14 th 7-9pm

13 Dressing for Success Dressing for Success 9 Fashion Faux Pas 1. 1. Wearing wild nail polish or nails with designs Opt for neutral color if you must have it. Make sure nails are neat and trimmed 2. 2. Wearing jewelry that jangles or is distracting No nose rings, tongue rings, lip piercing, or more than one pair of ear rings in your ears. Understatement is best! 3. 3. Open toed or run down shoes or sneakers Borrow or buy a new pair just for interviews Uggs are an absolute NO! 4. 4. Bare legs or feet Even in the summer, it is best to wear a light pantyhose or socks

14 5. 5. Short or tight skirts Hemlines should not be more than three inches above the knee or reveal too much 6. 6. Leather jackets, pants or skirts for males or females They are not conservative enough 7. 7. Turtlenecks Men should wear a shirt with a collar and a tie Women should wear a nice blouse 8. 8. Colorful or printed handbags or briefcases Leave the Gucci bags at home! 9. 9. Strong Cologne or perfume Many people are allergic and it is best to not wear any rather than risk offending your interviewer Dressing for Success Dressing for Success 9 Fashion Faux Pas cont.

15 Top Interview Rules LOOK SHARP BE ON TIME DO YOUR RESEARCH Research the school or company you are interviewing with. The more you know the better. BE PREPARED Bring extra copies of your resume, pen, and paper SHOW ENTHUSIASM Even though you may be nervous, try to be calm and make sure you make direct eye contact with your interviewer GIVE A FIRM HANDSHAKE A weak handshake could make or break a job offer

16 Top Interview Rules cont. BE CONFIDENT! Don’t be afraid to make yourself sound great LISTEN Make sure you have heard and understand what the interviewer is asking you If you don’t know, ask him/her to repeat what they said ANSWER THE QUESTION ASKED Give specific examples to elaborate on our response ASK QUESTIONS Your questions indicate your interest in the job or school Employers appreciate your curiosity and interest BE YOURSELF Unless your are normally rude and obnoxious! Leave slang, gum and bad manners at home

17 Last, But Not Least…. FOLLOW UP A personal thank you card, email or a letter lets the interviewer know that you are interested and reminds him/her of who you are.

18 What Have You Learned?? What Have You Learned?? Find the Fashion Faux Pas





23 Some Final Words Whether you want to work in an office, go to college or work with your hands, these interview tips are steps to success Good luck with your interviews!!

24 GO TO THE COLLEGE PLANNING CONFERENCE Wednesday, March 14 th 7-9pm

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