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Aa apple and add.

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1 Aa apple and add

2 Bb Boy Banana baby

3 Cc Cow Cake Cat

4 Dd Dog Deer Day

5 Ee Egg Elephant everyone

6 Ff Fish Friday food

7 Gg Goat Good girl

8 Hh Hot Hat Hello Hi

9 Ii Igloo It Is

10 Jj Jar Joy January

11 Kk Kangaroo Kind kite

12 Ll Lion Listen Little

13 Mm Monkey Mississippi Mama

14 Nn No Next Nine

15 Oo Octopus Off October

16 Pp People Panda Purple

17 Qq Queen Quickly Quit

18 Rr Ready Red Rain

19 Ss Snake Saturday September

20 Tt Today Turtle Tuesday

21 Uu Umbrella Under Uncle

22 Vv Violin Very Vegetables

23 Ww Wagon Wednesday Welcome

24 Xx Xray Box Fox

25 Yy Yes Yo yo Yesterday

26 Zz Zebra Zipper zoo

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