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Montessori Grades 3 and 4. My Goal: A Happy, Cooperative Colony of Workers.

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1 Montessori Grades 3 and 4

2 My Goal: A Happy, Cooperative Colony of Workers

3 “With FREEDOM comes RESPONSIBILTY!” Students are free to choose what they work on, who they work with, and where they work so long as they are working quietly and purposefully.

4 About me…  Background Licensed in Elementary Education, Special Education, and Reading Montessori Certificates in Lower (grades 1-3) and Upper Elementary (grades 4-6)  Experience Taught in Montessori schools in Springfield, Haverhill and entering my 7 th year in Holliston

5 What’s new this year?  Mimeo projectors and document cameras in all classrooms!  Common Core Curriculum Both Reading Street and EnVision Math are updated to reflect the changes in the new Common Core Curriculum. (See the handouts) Scope and Sequence of the Writing will reflect the changes in Common Core (and as a result, in MCAS) ROSP’s will be updated to reflect new standards in Common Core (and as a result be more meaningful to you the parents)

6 ScheduleSchedule  7:55 – Arrival and Morning Work  8:30 – ELA Block (Reading Street, Spelling, Word Study and Grammar, Writer’s Workshop, and Social Studies)  10:45 – Spanish (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)  11:20 – Specials  12:15 – Lunch  12:45 – Agendas  1:00 – Recess  1:20 – Math  2:20 – Classroom jobs and dismissal

7  Story Launch by grade  Spelling words come from the program and connect to the word study skills.  Choice built into the tasks students can do to demonstrate understanding of the concepts taught (Word Study, Vocabulary and Grammar).  Students can access text on- line both in school and at home.  Multi-level little books provide extended practice to support all learners.

8 Writing  Writer’s Workshop Writer's Workshop is an interdisciplinary writing technique which can build students' fluency in writing through continuous, repeated exposure to the process of writing. Initially, we will focus on expression of thought. 6 Traits of Writing will guide the instruction, along with the Common Core and Reading Street Curriculum. Mini-lessons based on literature and models of good writing will be used to develop writers. Writing focus will be on narratives, expository, and persuasive writing. Poetry will be taught throughout.

9  New Common Core edition is reduced to 16 topics to provide deeper understandings (Was 20 last year)  Students can access text and digital tools at school and home  Montessori math materials will be used in conjunction with the text to support and guide this deeper understanding

10 Regions of the United States  Geographical Map Skills  Regions of the United States – focus for each region will include states and capitals, land and water forms, natural and agricultural resources, culture and economy. ○ Field trips will reflect the 4 th grade curriculum. Lloyd Center in Dartmouth, MA September 24 th Lowell National Historic Park, June 2013 Use of technology and project-based learning will be a part of both grades.

11 The Learning Contract This represents the independent work that your child will complete in the week. There is choice built in to the tasks and into the order the work is completed. The skills reinforce what the students will learn or have learned in lessons.

12 Open Circle Self-awareness: Recognizing one’s emotions and values as well as one’s strengths and limitations Self-management: Managing emotions and behaviors to achieve one’s goal Social awareness: Showing and understanding empathy for others Relationship skills: Forming positive relationships, working in teams, dealing effectively with conflict Responsible decision-making: Making ethical, constructive choices about personal and social behavior

13 Homework  Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday.  Combination of paper packets with some computer-based work.  Reinforces what has been taught in class.  Students are also expected to read 20 minutes a night and practice math facts for 10 minutes a few times a week.  TOW (Thinking of the Week) for math and ROW (Reading of the Week) will be utilized later in the year to prepare for MCAS.

14 Communication  I can be reached by note, phone, or e- mail.  My phone extension is 3113.  My e-mail is  I respond to e-mail and voicemail before and after school.  Please send notes with child if there is a change in dismissal routine.

15 Birthdays and Holidays  We are FOOD-FREE for birthday celebrations.  In lieu of goodies, we will be doing a birthday t-shirt to be signed by classmates.  Continuing this year – ALL CLASSROOMS ARE NUT FREE for all snacks.  Please send in $2 to cover my costs for the shirts

16 Class Web Page  The goal is to have monthly updates to the webpage for homework and Learning Contracts (Please be patient with me)  Students will be blogging about our week at school on the Ask me About My Week page  Sign up for Newsflashes on the webpage  Wish List and Supply items are posted there

17 Some reminders…  Please send in a white t-shirt for tie-dyeing  We will use Time for Kids in the classroom, so please send $5 to cover the year’s subscription.

18 Before you leave tonight…  Please sign up for a conference. If none of the times are possible, please call me.  Please leave the note for your child in his or her file drawer so he or she will see it in the morning.  CORI forms are required for classroom volunteers and field trip chaperones. Please send in photo of license with completed form.

19 With lots of hard work and cooperation, I am hoping to have a bountiful harvest of learning by the end of this school year!

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