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In Honor of Black History Month...…. Famous African- Americans from Mississippi.

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1 In Honor of Black History Month...…

2 Famous African- Americans from Mississippi

3 There are many African- Americans throughout history that have contributed their lives to better our lives. Many of them are from our very on state.

4 The following are just a few African- Americans from Mississippi that have impacted the world

5 Bo Diddley

6 Famous Guitar Player Born in McComb, MS Was named Ellas Otha Bates Raised by his mother’s cousin Moved to Chicago at age 7 In the 1950s created his stage name “Bo Diddley”

7 Bo Diddley Known for his own style of music called the “Bo Diddley Beat” Has a trademark rectangle guitar called “The Twang Machine” Famous song “Hey Bo Diddley” ongs&jpp=25

8 Bo Diddley’s Achievements 1 of the founding fathers of Rock & Roll 1987 inducted into Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 1996 received Lifetime Achievement Award by Rhythm & Blues Foundation 1998 Grammy’s Lifetime Achievement Award

9 James Earl Jones

10 Born January 17, 1931 in Arkabutla Raised by his grandparents Pretended to be mute in school. Spoke only by writing At the age of 5 his family moved to Michigan

11 James Earl Jones Famous for his deep, distinctive voice Acted in many movies such as The Great White Hope, Coming to America and Roots II. Was the voice of King Mufasa in The Lion King Was the voice of Darth Vader in Star Wars

12 B.B. King

13 World famous musician Known for being one of the greatest blues guitarist of the 20 th century “The Thrill Is Gone” Nicknamed the “King of the Blues” songs

14 B.B. King Born Riley B. King in 1925 in Itta Bena Was sent to live with his grandmother in Kilmichael after his mother left his father. Began playing music in his church Moved to Memphis in 1946 Nicknamed his famous guitar Lucille

15 Walter Payton

16 Played in NFL from for Chicago Bears Career Stats: 110 TDs, 16,726 rushing yds Position: halfback 9 time Pro-Bowler 2 time NFL Player of the Year 1985 SuperBowl XX winners-the Bears

17 Walter Payton Born July 25, 1954 in Columbia, MS Died November 1, 1999 Raised in MS and attended Jackson State University Heisman Nominee 1 st round draft, 4 th pick 1975 finihsed 2 nd on Soul Train Motto: “Never die easy”

18 Charley Pride

19 Charley Pride Born & raised on a farm in Sledge, MS Taught himself to play guitar at the age of 14. In the 1950s played baseball with Negro American League’s Memphis Red Sox Today resides in Dallas, Texas and works out with the Texas Rangers

20 Charley Pride Became a famous country music singer “Kiss An Angel Good Morning” RCA Record’s 2 nd all time in sales; Elvis is 1 st CMA Entertainer of the Year 1971 Top Male Vocalist 1971 & st African-American to join the Grand Ole Opry 1999 received start on Hollywood Walk of Fame 2000 inducted into Country Music Hall of Fame Songs Songs

21 Jerry Rice

22 Born the son of a brick layer in Crawford MS Learned to catch by his brother throwing him bricks while helping their father Attended MS Valley State University Was named All American and Ninth in Heisman Trophy ballots

23 Jerry Rice NFL Wide Receiver San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle 1985 Rookie of the Year Regular Season Record: 1549 receptions, 22,895 receiving yds, 208 TDs 13 Pro Bowls, 1995 Pro Bowl MVP 1988 SuperBowl MVP

24 Jerry Rice Recently competed in Dancing With The Stars, finishing in 2 nd place Currently lives in San Francisco with his wife and children

25 Oprah Winfrey O

26  Born in Kosciusko, MS where she lived with her grandmother  Learned to read aloud and perform recitations at the age of 3  From ages 6-13 she lived with her mother in Milwaukee, Wisconsin  After being molested and abused, she was sent to a juvenile detention home. She was turned away because it was full.

27 Oprah Winfrey  Moved with her father in Nashville at age 13. He made her read a book every week and do a report.  Attended Tennessee State University  1984 selected to host “AM Chicago”  1985 show’s name was changed to “Oprah Winfrey Show”

28 Oprah  Nominated for an Oscar & Golden Globe for The Color Purple  Owns a production company- Harpo  Named 100 most influential people of the 20 th Century by Time magazine  1 st African-American Woman to become a billionaire

29 Morga n Freem an

30  Award-winning actor  Born June 1, 1937 in Memphis, TN  As an infant, moved to his grandmother’s in Charleston, MS  Later moved to Greenville, MS & Chicago, IL  Age 8 played lead role in school play; age 12 won statewide drama competition  1955-Joined the Airforce

31 Morgan Freeman  Moved to LA to pursue acting  In 1970’s performed on tv’s The Electric Company  Movies: Driving Miss Daisy, The Shawshank Redemption, Million Dollar Baby, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves  Narrorated March of the Penguins

32 Morgan Freeman  Won Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, nominated for Oscar & Golden Globe  2003 Received a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame  Hollywood Film Fest’s Oustanding Achievement in Acting  Currently lives in Charleston & co- ownes Madidi restaurant & GroundZero nightclub in Clarksdale

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