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Water Living Things Need Water

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1 Water Living Things Need Water

2 People Need Water…

3 For Finding Food

4 For Preparing Food Microsoft Office Clipart

5 For Transportation

6 For DrinkingFor Keeping Cool Microsoft Office Clipart

7 For Cleaning

8 Microsoft Office Clipart For Having Fun

9 Animals Need Water…

10 For Finding Food

11 For Transportation

12 For Drinking

13 For Keeping Cool

14 For Cleaning

15 For Having Fun

16 Plants Need Water…

17 For Getting Food from the Soil

18 For Drinking

19 For Keeping Cool

20 Without Clean Water… Microsoft Office Clipart





25 …Our Lives Would Be Different

26 We Can Help Save Our Water

27 Conserve water at Home

28 Fix Leaky Pipes

29 Run Full Dishwashers

30 Run Full Washing Machines

31 Take Short Showers or Baths Microsoft Office Clipart

32 Conserve water in your Yard

33 Water Plants in the Early Morning or the Late Evening Do Not Over-Water Plants

34 Use Plants that Don’t Need Much Water

35 Cover Pools When Not in Use Microsoft Office Clipart

36 Sweep Sidewalks Instead of Washing with Water Microsoft Office Clipart

37 Conserve Water at School Microsoft Office Clipart

38 Report any leaky pipes to the teacher so they can be fixed

39 Wash Hands then Turn Water Faucets Off

40 Turn Water Fountains off When Finished Drinking

41 Water Help Protect It!

42 Credits er.JPG g ip2.jpg ch.gif Microsoft Office Clipart 28fountain/

43 Curriculum Standards Kindergarten II. Life Science Units of Study: Animals and Plants, My Body A. Characteristics of Organisms b. Investigate and identify the natural resources (food, water, and air) that living things need to survive. II. Earth Science Units of Study: Rocks, Soil, and Water A. Properties of Earth Materials 1. Solid rocks, soils and water are earth materials. c. Describe a way to conserve water at home or at school.

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