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Ode Me Ode My! Creating tone in a poem.

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1 Ode Me Ode My! Creating tone in a poem

2 What is an Ode? a lyric poem usually marked by exaltation (to elevate by praise or in estimation : glorify) of feeling and style varying length of line contains stanzas (which are spaced apart, just like a paragraph in prose)

3 Plain English Definition of an Ode
A poem that praises someone or something for which the author has strong feelings The poem can be in a variety of forms free verse (running conversation) rhythms and rhyme (metered) or no rhymes (meter)

4 Ode to My Hair Clippie A 10 year friendship I had with you.
So springie, so youthful. You made me a movie star. You never judged me, even when I didn’t wash my hair. A silent friend, you never told me you were there. How can I forget your loyalty? You always ‘stuck’ with me. Was it not you that kept my hair dry when I frolicked in the pool? Your days were numbered, though, for you were only made of plastic. I have searched far and wide, but I will never find another quite like you. I miss you, dear friend, my dear hair clippie.

5 Ode to My Mom My mom, the one who nourished me when I was young. The one who held me when I cried and who wiped my tears. The one who tucked me in when the nights were long. The one who cut her long golden brown locks of hair so I would not hide in them when I was shy. She who gave me life when I was lifeless and the one who loves me most of all.                                      -- Theana, seventh grade

6 Ode to Mother Earth In outer space, you look like a beautiful blue ball spinning so gracefully. On your orbit around the sun, You look as if you are spinning through a circular river of sunlight. Your rocky surface is your skin. Your trees are your fingers reaching for the moon that you may never catch. Your tears are the rainfall that gives life to all plants and animals. Your oceans feed the clouds that provide the tears of life. And your mountains are where I long to be because that is where I see your beauty best.                                          -- Devin, fifth grade

7 Ode to Sleep Happiness you give, you give me a new life, you give my limbs a massage. When I am with you, I think of all things no one has known that are even new to me. You let me think up my life, my future, you help me so much. I owe you so much for your ideas, your time. Yes, you renew my life with the energy you give. You are my other world, my best world, my favorite world.           -- Catherine, sixth grade

8 Ode to My Skateboard by Matt Theisen
It is long and rough on the top but smooth on the bottom when it is new. It gives me a good time and gives me much to look forward to. It moves quickly down the road As I push faster and faster and it flips under my feet. It gets beat up, and when it breaks it must be put away. But it holds me up and keeps me going and it lasts as long as dirt.


10 Ode to a pair of socks by Pablo Neruda
My feet were two woolen fish in those outrageous socks, two gangly, navy-blue sharks impaled on a golden thread, two giant blackbirds, two cannons: thus were my feet honored by those heavenly socks. They were so beautiful . . . Maru Mori brought me a pair of socks that she knit with her shepherd's hands. Two socks as soft as rabbit fur. I thrust my feet inside them as if they were two little boxes knit from threads of sunset and sheepskin. . . . . .I stretched my feet forward and pulled on those gorgeous socks, and over them my shoes. So this is the moral of my ode: beauty is beauty twice over and good things are doubly good when you're talking about a pair of wool socks in the dead of winter.

11 Ode to Pizza by Michael Sykes
Pizza is my favorite snack, Now what do you think of that? Crust so warm and soft and chewy, Cheese so tasty, scrumptious, gooey. Hot in a box or on my plate, Either way I just can’t wait, To get my hands upon a slice, To taste it now would be so nice. Like nectar from the gods of old, It tastes so good I’ll eat it cold. When life is hard and I get down, When on my face I wear a frown, Only Pizza make’s it right, Now quench my raving appetite. Restore my faith in all that’s true, With a dose of cheesy goo, Give me Pizza, give it now, If you don’t I don’t know how, I’ll ever live in harmony, Without my Pizza ecstasy. But where to get my Pizza snack, I’ll tell you where, just where it’s at. To Round Table you should go, If you didn’t already know. To feast upon their luscious pies For they take Pizza to new highs I love Pizza, that’s a fact, Now what do you think of that?

12 To The Fallen Hero To The Fallen Hero   Every day I live, I remember the sacrifice Every day I live, I ensure it’s not in vain For those who gave their all You shall live again through me My solemn vow you are forever now This may be the last we see our hero This is an oath to the fallen heroes This is an ode to the ones we lost This was then and now, The last days before return The memory will not be silenced or erased In the glory of your worth

13 Steps for Writing an Ode
An ode is a poem that tells, in an original way, what is  good or unique about a subject and why the writer likes it so much.  Select a subject to write about:  choose a person, place, or thing. Write phrases describing: What your subject is like How your subject makes you feel Explain why your subject is important to you  Join some of your phrases into lines for your ode.  Remember they don't have to  rhyme!  

14 STEP 1: BRAINSTORM Jot down your thoughts. What your subject is like?
How your subject makes you feel? Why you feel this way? Explain why your subject is important to you Describe your subject’s looks Describe a few unique qualities about your subject What can you hear see, hear, feel, taste, smell about your subject? (sensory description) Decide how many stanzas you want for each area of focus you are considering.

15 STEP 2: Write some basic sentences
Use the info from your brainstorming

16 STEP 3: Add figurative language
Change some of your basic sentences into figurative language sentences. Simile Metaphor Personification Hyperbole Alliteration Idiom Onomatopoeia

17 STEP 4: Put it all together!
Take away any lines that are too similar. Decide the order of the sentences for your ode. (Pick a good opening line or sentence.) Be sure you are writing lines of poetry and not prose. Make sure to include the sentences with figurative language or sensory detail! Decide if you want to write with meter or free verse (You may or may not rhyme it, even though it has rhythm.) Select a good closing line that clearly expresses your feelings about the subject. Rewrite your ode in a final draft and add an illustration.

18 ODE Requirements! Title Author (you!) Correct spelling
At least 4 examples of figurative language Tone is clear 10 lines or 75 words or more Theme or central idea running through poem Illustrated with color Neatness!

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