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Abraham. Yahweh Go to the Land of milk and honey and I will protect you.

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1 Abraham

2 Yahweh

3 Go to the Land of milk and honey and I will protect you

4 Covenant – Agreement between God and his people Prophet Someone who speaks directly to God

5 Canaan

6 Sarah

7 Hagar

8 Abraham Isaac and Ishmael


10 Jacob

11 Assyrians Ten Lost Tribes of Israel

12 Enslavement of the Hebrews

13 Moses

14 Monotheism – the belief that there is one god and that god is the creator of all things and has a role in our day to day lives “I am that I am”

15 Parting the Red Sea


17 Ten Commandments

18 Ark of Covenant Transmitter to God

19 Joshua Succeeds Moses as leader of the Hebrews, leads them into Canaan

20 King David Founder of Jerusalem

21 Zion Jerusalem

22 King Solomon Builder of the first temple


24 First Temple Destroyed by Babylonians

25 The Babylonian Captivity The Hebrews are deported to Babylon By……..

26 Nebuchadnezzar

27 Torah The Hebrew Holy Scripture Prophet – someone who speaks for the divine

28 Cyrus the Great Persian king who conquers Babylon and releases the Hebrews


30 Mosaic Law Moral code that is guideline for relationships, day to day life basis of how a Jewish person should live

31 Second Temple destroyed by the Romans

32 The Western Wall

33 Sects of Judaism Sadducees – rich upper class Judaism Pharisees – wanted Jews to break away from society as a whole and await the Messiah Essenes – practiced voluntary poverty and seclusion from worldy pleasures Zealots – forceful practice of Judaism

34 A savior sent by God and descended from the Davidic Line to lead the Jewish people to world peace

35 Jesus A new type of philosopher teaching a new type of philosophy

36 Love

37 Lets not kill each other Lets not enslave each other Lets not let each other starve to death Lets be nice to each other

38 12 Disciples

39 The betrayal

40 The Crucifixion

41 The resurrection


43 Peter Successor to Jesus, goes to Rome to build the church




47 Paul Struck by lighting, converts to Christianity, hits the road to spread the word



50 Nero Emperor Nero blames the Christians a fire in Rome and begins to persecute them


52 Martyrdom of Peter

53 Martyrdom of St. Paul


55 Constantine the Great Legalizes Christianity and calls Council of Nicea

56 Trinity

57 The Gospels Paul Mark Matthew Luke John The New Testament

58 Torah = Old Testament Old Testament + New Testament =

59 The Bible

60 Constantine the Great Moves the capital of Rome to Constantinople, split the Christian Church into

61 The Roman Catholic Church The Eastern Orthodox Church Pope Emperor (Bishop of Constantinople- Bishop of Moscow)

62 In the beginning

63 Girls were bad The original sin

64 Lilith

65 The seven deadly Sins

66 Sloth

67 Gluttony

68 Greed

69 Pride

70 Lust

71 Envy

72 Wrath Sins

73 The Seven Virtues

74 Chastity

75 Temperance

76 Charity

77 Diligence

78 Patience Enduring difficult situations

79 Kindness

80 Humility

81 God vs. The Devil Heaven v. Hell Sin vs. Virtue Good vs. Evil

82 Guilt Is virtue

83 No Guilt is……….

84 The Devil

85 The Christian Philosophers

86 St. Ambrose The only way to heaven is through the church

87 Heaven Church Hell

88 St. Augustine The Platonification of Christianity

89 The City of God

90 St. Augustine Original sin and the City of God Humans are born guilty and the church is God’s city on Earth

91 The Sacraments

92 Baptism

93 Confirmation

94 Eucharist

95 Matrimony

96 Penance

97 Anointing the Sick

98 Holy Orders Bishop – Priest - Deacon

99 St. Jerome Translates the Bible from Hebrew to Latin, his translation is called the Vulgate and is the basis of all Bibles

100 The Christian Orders

101 St. Benedict Christian Cynicism Christians should live a life of poverty, celibacy disconnected from the world St. Francis St. Dominic

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