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Leadership 8 “…ates” of Leadership Leading the way for PTA!

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1 Leadership 8 “…ates” of Leadership Leading the way for PTA!

2 Management vs. Leadership b Management builds structure b Leadership builds people

3 How does your PTA grow? b Advocate b Communicate b Collaborate b Coordinate b Delegate b Facilitate b Mediate b Negotiate

4 b Aggravate b Agitate b Complicate b Dictate b Discriminate b Frustrate b Intimidate b Procrastinate The quickest way to undo your PTA...

5 The 8“…ATEs” of positive leadership b Advocate Stand up for yourself, your mission, and those who are following youStand up for yourself, your mission, and those who are following you

6 The “…ATEs” b Communicate Methods of communicationMethods of communication What is effective communicationWhat is effective communication Communication is an educational toolCommunication is an educational tool

7 The “…ATEs” b Collaborate Partners - network that shares the missionPartners - network that shares the mission Benefits - grow as you goBenefits - grow as you go Players – the more the merrierPlayers – the more the merrier

8 The “…ATEs” b Coordinate Set the stage for ideasSet the stage for ideas Set the atmosphere for growthSet the atmosphere for growth Set the priorities for progressSet the priorities for progress

9 The “…ATEs” b Delegate Delegating vs. Dictating Delegating vs. Dictating Loners aren’t leadersLoners aren’t leaders Leaders are not indispensableLeaders are not indispensable Powerful leaders give power awayPowerful leaders give power away

10 The “…ATEs” b Facilitate EaseEase ComfortComfort CohesivenessCohesiveness Respect for allRespect for all

11 The “…ATEs” b Mediate Manage conflictManage conflict Embrace differences of opinionEmbrace differences of opinion Celebrate new ideasCelebrate new ideas

12 The “…ATEs” b Negotiate Issue specificIssue specific Solution focusedSolution focused Compromise is positiveCompromise is positive Win/WinWin/Win

13 Two Bonus ‘ates’... After you Advocate, Communicate, Collaborate, Coordinate, Delegate, Facilitate, Mediate, Negotiate…. Then you can...

14 Evaluate b Assessment and evaluation will strengthen the group and the process Build on successBuild on success Learn from challengesLearn from challenges Identify and mentor your successorIdentify and mentor your successor b Set goals and plans for the future

15 Celebrate!!! b Respect b Common ground b Comfort b Cohesiveness b Success Elements that make for a great party!

16 Thank you Ü For all you do Ü For all we do together Ü For the benefits to children Ü For the benefits to community Ü For helping to shape a better future We’re all healthier for our efforts and for helping each other. Thank you for being a leader!

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