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Absurd Math Project An Online Pre-algebra Adventure.

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1 Absurd Math Project An Online Pre-algebra Adventure

2 Absurd Math is an interactive online pre-algebra adventure

3 How to play: Each location has 2 objectives, a mathematical objective and a game objective. Both objectives must be accomplished in order to progress further into the game. Record information on your answer sheet. Click all icons for needed information, hidden areas, or hints. Other areas of your browser may contain hints.

4 To complete this project... Fill out your answer sheet as you solve the online puzzles.

5 Start by going to this website READ and follow the directions on each page.

6 Enter your first name and last initial here. Ms. Williams When you get to this page… Read the directions.

7 Later, you can continue a game by entering your Pagecode here. Ms. Williams

8 As you go through the game… you will be asked to solve puzzles.

9 Be sure to READ!!!


11 Ok, so I’m at the puzzle page… Where’s the puzzle? Look where you enter the answer.

12 It’s asking for the “Authorization Code”.

13 Now where did I see something about an“Authorization Code”?

14 Oh, yeah!!!

15 Now search for the info you need and solve the puzzle.

16 If you enter the correct answer… you will be taken to the next webpage.

17 If your answer is incorrect… they will ask you to try again.

18 If you’re having trouble... …this guy can help you. Click on him.

19 How To Fill Out the Answer Sheet: Page Code Page Title Hotel Unknown696E7

20 How To Fill Out the Answer Sheet: Include every page that has a Title and Pagecode… Four of these pages will not have a puzzle to solve or an answer to write down… That’s okay, include them anyway. Hotel Unknown696E7

21 How To Fill Out the Answer Sheet: The Bullybot will not have a Pagecode. You should NOT write this on the answer sheet.

22 How To Fill Out the Answer Sheet: Unless…you find the destruction code.

23 The answer sheet should be filled up. Your grade will be based on how much of this sheet you complete. Hotel UnknownJF211234 Hsiauwi JichKL05456 Jbcjk GehoqlP34099.999 Zmvks PbjkdwLK98x = 7 Pb dnks GskjsDR01987 Skmnvls LbhkiJH0245635 Rkncl OkxnclLK65-------- Jjbchda DfmlGH995465 Kkjdbka FoodF123-------- Svk UkbjsksdUS98721345 Pb dnks GskjsDR01987 Hsiauwi JichKL05456 Zmvks PbjkdwLK98x = 7 Svk UkbjsksdUS98721345 Jjbchda DfmlGH99--------- Kkjdbka FoodF123897465 Rkncl OkxnclLK651268 Hsiauwi JichKL05456 Hotel UnknownJF21--------- 222222222 123456789000

24 Ask Ms. W about the Junkyard Dog and the Ogre Bus.

25 Questions??? You can email me at

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