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The Study of Living Things

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1 The Study of Living Things
Biology The Study of Living Things Slideshow by Ms. Dickert

2 What does it mean to be “living?”
Living things are called ORGANISMS MICROORGANISMS are tiny organisms Living things carry out 5 BASIC LIFE FUNCTIONS Living things are made from building blocks called CELLS Living things are classified into 5 groups, called KINGDOMS

3 The 5 Life Functions Living things GROW
Living things use FOOD FOR ENERGY Living things GET RID OF WASTES Living things REPRODUCE Living things REACT TO CHANGES

4 Which Life Function is Shown?

5 Cells Organisms are made from cells
Cells form tissues and organs that help the organism live Cells contain different parts that do different jobs Plant cells and animal cells are different in some ways

6 Cell Parts Cell wall for support (plants only)
Chloroplasts for food-making (plants only) Cell membrane, which hold everything in Cytoplasm, which fills the cell with a jelly-like substance Vacuoles, which hold food, water, and wastes Mitochondria, which power the cell Nucleus, which controls the cell’s activities Chromosomes, found inside the nucleus, which controls how the cell develops

7 Sample cells Plant Cell Animal cell

8 Levels of Living Things
CELLS are the smallest level Cells make TISSUES (blood, bone, muscle, bark) Tissues make ORGANS (heart, stomach, leaf) Organs make ORGAN SYSTEMS (digestive system, circulatory system) Organ systems make ORGANISMS (mouse, tree, dinosaur)

9 Classification of Living Things
Organisms are classified by TRAITS, or characteristics The largest classification group is the KINGDOM There are 5 Kingdoms (Plant, Animal, Fungus, Bacteria, Protists) Kingdoms are further broken down into smaller groups KINGDOM – PHYLUM – CLASS – ORDER – FAMILY – GENUS – SPECIES An organism’s scientific name is based on the last 2 – genus and species Classification gives us a common naming system

10 Leopard Classification

11 Living things are Cool!

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