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Reformation Jeopardy Howard Mayo and Nicole King Howard Mayo and Nicole King Mount Airy High School.

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1 Reformation Jeopardy Howard Mayo and Nicole King Howard Mayo and Nicole King Mount Airy High School

2 Peop le Religio n BeliefsVocab. Literatur e Odds and Ends Hodge Podge 100 200 300 400 500 Final JeopardyFinal Jeopardy PEOPLE

3 100 What sparked the Reformation?

4 People Marin Luther’s 95 theses

5 200 The Reformation in Zurich was led by_____________.

6 People Ulrich Zwingli

7 300 ______ was an early church critic who was burned at the stake for his early criticisms of the Catholic Church.


9 __________ was the king of England who broke away from the Catholic Church.

10 King Henry VIII People

11 400 The Act of Succession made whose children the legitimate heirs to the throne?

12 People Anne Boleyn

13 500 __________ wrote the book the Imitation of Christ, which summarized the philosophy of the Brothers of the Common Life.

14 People Thomas a Kempis

15 100 What were people called if they opposed the Catholic church’s teachings, views, and abuses?

16 Religion Protestants

17 200 Which religion was based on the views of Martin Luther’s beliefs?

18 Religion Lutheranism

19 300 Which religion believed in “predestination”, a belief that God had already chosen who was going to go to heaven.

20 Religion Calvinists

21 400 Ignatius of Loyola started a religious order known as the __________, that took vows of poverty and obedience to the pope.

22 BONUS People Jesuits

23 Who desired a rapid and thorough implementation of Apostolic Christianity ?

24 Religion The Anabaptist

25 500 Who was the group that sought to return to the original ideals of Saint Francis and became popular among the ordinary people to whom they directed their ministry?

26 Religion The Capuchins

27 100 What religion does Catholicism practice?

28 Beliefs Christianity

29 200 The __________ maintained most of the Catholic doctrines like the seven sacraments, celibacy for clergy, and transubstantiation.

30 Beliefs Anglican Church

31 300 Which religion believed in a strict moral code of behavior; no social dancing, no fortune telling, and no gambling?

32 Beliefs Calvinism

33 400 The Freedom of a Christian, written by Martin Luther, summarized the new teaching of salvation ________________

34 Beliefs by faith alone.

35 500 13 th - through 15 th century lay religious movements shared a common goal of:

36 BONUS Countries Religious simplicity in the imitation of Jesus.

37 Name four true statements of the ideology and practice of the Brothers of the Common Life?

38 Beliefs They were centered at Zwolle and Deventer in Netherlands; they fostered religious life outside of formal churches, they embraced a lay religious life of prayer and study without surrendering the world, they stressed individual piety and practical religion.

39 100 The word ____________ is used to describe the spoken language of an area.

40 Vocab Vernacular

41 200 What were French Calvinist called?

42 Vocab Huguenots

43 300 ______________ is a remission of the temporal penalty imposed on penitents by priests as a work of satisfaction for their confessed mortal sins.

44 Vocab Indulgence

45 400 ________ is when an official is not participating in benefices but receiving payment and privileges.

46 BONUS Governments Absenteeism

47 What was it called when an official held more than one office at a time?

48 Vocab Pluralism

49 500 _______ were an influential women's order that was founded in 1535 for the religious education of girls from all social classes.

50 Vocab The Ursulines

51 100 What was Martin Luther’s most famous work?

52 Literature 95 Theses

53 200 ___________ translated the English Bible in 1526.

54 BONUSLiterature William Tyndale

55 What is Miguel De Cervantes most well known novel?

56 Literature Don Quixote

57 300 William Shakespeare was a member and principal writer of a famous company of actors known as what?

58 Literature The King's Men

59 400 ___________was John Calvin’s foundational work for Calvinism.

60 Literature Institutes of the Christian Religion (1536)

61 500 The Book of Common Prayer, written by Thomas Cranmer, was imposed on all English churches by the __________.

62 Literature Act of Uniformity

63 100 Anabaptists are the 16th- century ancestors of which modern groups?

64 Odds and Ends Amish

65 200 The Reformation broke out first in the cities of

66 Odds and Ends Switzerland and Germany

67 300 Lutheranism was introduced into Denmark by whom?

68 Odds and Ends King Christian II

69 400 What German city became a refuge for persecuted Protestants and the center of Lutheran resistance?

70 BONUS Odds and Ends Magdeburg.

71 The Council of Trent's most important reforms concerned what?

72 Odds and Ends Internal Church discipline

73 500 The Peace of Augsburg recognized in law what had already been established in practice______________

74 Odds and Ends that the ruler of a land would determine the religion of the land.

75 100 Protestants were more likely than Catholics to

76 Hodge Podge permit divorce

77 200 What is nepotism?

78 Hodge Podge Favoring family members in the appointment of Church offices

79 300 Where did the popes live during the Babylonian Captivity?

80 Hodge Podge Avignon

81 400 In Praise of Folly, _________ criticized the corruption in the church and the hypocrisy of the clergy.

82 Hodge Podge Erasmus

83 500 The___________ was formed by Protestant (Lutheran) princes to defend themselves against Charles V’s drive to re-Catholicize Germany.

84 BONUS Hodge Podge League of Schmalkalden

85 John Knox established _____________.

86 Hodge Podge Presbyterianism

87 The most successful politique was

88 Final JeopardyFinal Jeopardy PEOPLE Elizabeth I of England

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