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SAYREVILLE WAR MEMORIAL HIGH SCHOOL ORIENTATION for Parents/Guardians of Class of 2018 March 19, 2014.

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2 SAYREVILLE WAR MEMORIAL HIGH SCHOOL ORIENTATION for Parents/Guardians of Class of 2018 March 19, 2014

3 HIGH SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION Mr. Brown Principal Mr. Gluchowski Vice-Principal Mr. Glock-Molloy Vice-Principal Mrs. Romero Vice-Principal

4 DISTRICT SUPERVISORS Mrs. SicolaCounseling & Guidance Mrs. GoscienskiScience & World Language Mr. Knaster Special Education Dr. Trivisonno Business & Mathematics Mr. GentileHumanities Mr. KohutanyczHealth, Physical Education & Athletics Mrs. Monahan-RiveraLanguage Arts

5 SCHOOL COUNSELORS Mr. AbruscatoAll Freshman Sophomores- Seniors Mrs. Keck A - C Ms. Schnorbus D - I Mr. Feldman J - M Mrs. Carroll N - R Ms. Haney S - Z

6 H I S T O R Y World History Honors World History CP World History--NJ ASK 8 determined World History --CST determined

7 H I S T O R Y E L E C T I V E S World Geography The Great Metropolis

8 Performing Arts Electives Band (Semester and Full Year) Advanced Band Mixed Choir 101 (Semester and Full Year) Theatre 1

9 Performing / Visual Arts Electives Creative Crafts Introduction to Art

10 TECHNOLOGY ELECTIVES Auto Technology 1 Wood Shop 1 Robotics

11 S C I E N C E Biology Honors--Matrix determined General Science CP General Science -- CST determined

12 W O R L D L A N G U A G E S French 1 Spanish 1 Spanish 2

13 M A T H E M A T I C S Plane Geometry 9 Honors Plane Geometry Algebra 1b Algebra 1 Math 104-- NJ ASK 8 determined Math 9--CST determined

14 COMPUTER SCIENCE ELECTIVES Computer Programming – Visual Basic Introduction to Computer Science

15 BUSINESS ELECTIVES Business Organization & Management Career Development Microsoft Suite

16 PHYSICAL EDUCATION & HEALTH Physical Education 1S Physical Education 2S

17 E N G L I S H English 9 Honors English 9 CP English 9 -- NJ ASK 8 determined English 9 -- CST determined English ELL Reading 9 -- NJ ASK 8 determined Reading A --CST determined

18 E N G L I S H E L E C T I V E S Writing Success Monsters in Literature Creative Writing Communication Arts through Television I Communication Arts through Television II

19 GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS English 4 years Mathematics including Algebra 1 and Geometry and a third year of math 3 years Science including Biology and a choice among Chemistry, Physics or Env. Science and a third inquiry based lab or technical science 3 years U.S. History 2 years World History 1 year World Language 1 year

20 GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS cont. Visual/Performing Arts 1 year Practical/Vocational Arts/21 st Century Life and Careers Education 1 year Physical Education and Health 4 years Economics/Financial Literacy ½ year

21 Credits In addition to passing the required courses, students must successfully complete 130 credits.

22 CREDITS REQUIRED Cumulative 25creditsTo pass to grade 10 60creditsTo pass to grade 11 95creditsTo pass to grade 12 130creditsTo graduate!

23 COLLEGE ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS MINIMUM 4 yrs. English 3 yrs. History 3 yrs. Mathematics 3 yrs. Science 2 yrs. World Language Academic Electives RECOMMENDED 4 yrs. English 3 yrs. History 4 yrs. Mathematics 4 yrs. Science 4 yrs. World Language Academic Electives

24 SCHEDULING:WHEN & WHERE March 17 th Introduction during PE Class March 21st-25 th Students will be scheduled in the computer lab from their Physical Education or Health class

25 TYPICAL FRESHMAN SCHEDULE 1.English 2.Mathematics 3.Science 4.World Language 5.World History 6.Visual/practical/performing arts OR Academic electives 7.Physical Education 8.Lunch

26 Tom Jones’ Grade 9 Schedule Pd. 1 YRGeneral ScienceB9 Boyle Pd. 2 YR World History A215 Clark Pd. 3 YR English 102 A203 Smith Pd. 4/5 S1 PE1S Gym March Pd. 4/5 S2 Auto 1 C16 June Pd. 6S1 Lunch Café Jenkins Pd. 6 S2 Lunch Café Jenkins Pd. 7/8 YR Spanish 1A93 Songel Pd. 9/10 S1Creative Crafts E4 Enrico Pd. 9/10 S2PE 2S Gym Fells Pd. 11 YRAlgebra 1 b A228 Mattski

27 SCHEDULING TIPS Read the course description booklet Have 5 alternate elective courses in mind Take course selection sheet home for parent/guardian review and signature Return signed course selection sheet within 3 days to Middle School Counseling Office

28 NJ ASK 8 Reminder April 29, 30, May 1, 2 Test Taking Tips Get a good night’s sleep Eat breakfast Take seriously – performance affects 9 th grade English, Mathematics and Science placements For more information see state website:

29 Class of 2018 Parents/Guardians The SWMHS Supervisors wish your children (and you) success as they complete their last year in the Middle School. We look forward to September and the beginning of their high school career!

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