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2 Welcome to Holy Trinity Elementary! Presenters tonight include: Ms Debbie Peddle – Principal Mr Rodney Mitchell– Guidance

3 Meet Our Teachers! Ms Carmen Rowse English Kindergarten Teacher Ms Carol Lidstone English Kindergarten Teacher Madame Jeanette Laaning Early French Immersion Kindergarten Teacher Madame April Brett Early French Immersion Kindergarten Teacher

4 Our Mission The mission of Holy Trinity Elementary school is to provide a caring, positive community which develops life-long learning through meaningful academic experiences while promoting the emotional, social and moral growth of the individual.

5 Why Have a Kinderstart Program?… Parents and children can: 1) become familiar with a kindergarten environment during the year prior to school entry. 2) participate in learning experiences in the school. 3) gain greater knowledge of the expectations of the learning experiences. 4) develop attitudes and skills that support future performance. 5) enhance learning experiences at home. 6) develop positive home-school relationships.

6 Why Have a Kinderstart Program?… continued School Personnel can: 1) meet and interact with children and their parents. 2) prepare to meet the needs of all children. 3) informally assess a child’s strengths and needs.

7 KINDERSTART SESSIONS  Kinderstart Open House –December 2 nd  Students with last names starting with A-M will visit at 9am  Students with last names starting with N-Z will visit at 10:30am  Our school-wide Book Fair will be open on this day, so children can come and shop for books when they visit.  We will also have a visitor from the Torbay Library  The six one-hour sessions are (all Monday sessions) :  January 13 th  February 3 rd  March 3 rd  April 7 th  May 5 th  June 2 nd  It is very important to have your child attend the scheduled sessions. If unable to attend, please let us know.

8 KINDERSTART SESSIONS  Your child will be assigned one time on these dates. Group A 9:00 am – 10:00am Group B 10:30 am – 11:30 am Group C 12:35 pm - 1:35 pm Group D 1:45 pm – 2:45 pm  The first two sessions parents/caregivers will accompany the child in the classroom, however, the last four sessions there will be separate sessions for parents.  For the last 2 sessions we will have combined groupings.  Groups A and C will come at 9am  Groups B and D will come at 10:30am  Please pay close attention to this information. If you have questions, please feel free to ask.  Please listen to radio stations if sessions are cancelled due to weather.

9 Facts about our Kindergarten Schedule The Kindergarten day will be two and a half hours The morning session begins at 8:50 a.m. & ends at 11:30 a.m. The afternoon session begins at 12:20 p.m. & ends at 2:55 p.m. The Kindergarten groups rotate once in the middle of the year. A letter will be sent in June to inform you whether your child will attend in the morning or afternoon class in September.

10 Facts about Kindergarten ( ) 140 registered Pre-Kindergarten Students 54 registered Early French Immersion (5 on the wait list) 81 registered English Students Kindergarten teachers in September could be different than Kinderstart teachers. Any concerns throughout the KinderStart program, please meet with the teachers or administration.

11 COMMUNICATION Go to to learn more about our school! What you can find there:  Latest News  School Calendars  Teacher Webpages  Educational Links  A link to the Department of Education website which lists the outcomes of the academic programs at each grade level.  Please make sure that small problems do not become large problems. Check with the teacher early if you have a concern. Education has to be a team effort!

12 Preparing for Kindergarten PARENTS: - prepare yourself for separation - positive attitude CHILDREN: - involvement in group settings -encourage sharing and turn-taking -creating independence Getting dressed Zippering/buttoning coat Putting on shoes Putting shoes away (shoebag) Picking up and putting away supplies Going to bathroom Opening snacks

13 Kinderstart Visits ARRIVAL: - scheduled times - appropriate footwear - coats SESSION ORGANIZATION: - play exploration - circle time - planned activities - closure

14 During the Kinderstart visits the students may have the opportunity to meet the music, gym and library teachers. During the last Kinderstart session, there will be a bus orientation to allow the children to become familiar with the bus ride and bus rules. Kinderstart Visits

15 Encouraging Creativity and Literacy Through Play at Home Print Name -say letters in name Alphabet -sing ABC’s - environmental print Through play you can use objects you have at home! - alphabet chart - fridge magnets - letter games (i.e I spy) -Look at the Kinderstart Calendar for further ideas

16 Encouraging Creativity and Literacy Through Play at Home Sound Awareness -beginning sounds -rhyming games -segmenting sounds -blending sounds

17 Encouraging Creativity and Literacy Through Play at Home Math Skills -counting/ numeral recognition -matching one to one -concept words -sorting -patterning -geometric shapes

18 Observation Component Reactions meeting the teacher willingness to participate Motor Abilities fine motor development gross motor development Listening Skills responses attentiveness during stories, songs, etc. participation

19 Observation Component Expressive Language responses to questions free conversation communication during group activities Independence Level separation from parent/caregiver demonstrating initiative

20 Observation Component Co-operative skills taking turns sharing materials maintaining personal space Maturity listening to directions need for support/guidance response to requests

21 Language Development Listening use a quiet voice give simple instructions for a task encourage turn-taking Speaking be a good role model encourage conversations use appropriate manners avoid slang and baby talk

22 Language Development Reading ● read each day - discuss illustrations - make predictions - point to words - different types of text -discuss author and illustrator ● visit the local library ● make little books together and read ● read signs in the neighborhood

23 Language Development Writing provide writing supplies make cards for special occasions draw a picture and write a sentence keep a journal practice printing name

24 KinderStart Bag  The KinderStart Bags will be distributed during the Open House on December 2 nd. They contain: Materials for your child  Please bring this bag back with you to the Kinderstart Sessions as we will use many of the supplies. The bag itself could be useful as a shoebag in September!

25 KinderStart Bag Each child will receive a KinderStart Bag with school supplies such as: scissors construction paper glue pencils pencil sharpener water paints modelling clay crayons hands-on materials journal books suggestions for activities Please bring the bag to each session!

26 KinderStart Calendar Kinderstart Calendar ~ suggested activities for the month Fun At Home Activities Fun with books Fun with recipes Fun with talking Fun with creating Fun with singing Fun with finger plays and rhymes Fun with science Fun with games Make it books

27 Thank You for attending our KinderStart Parent Orientation Meeting!

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