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Holocaust Denial Holocaust denial consists of claims that the genocide of Jews during World War II —usually referred to as the Holocaust — did not.

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3 Holocaust Denial Holocaust denial consists of claims that the genocide of Jews during World War II —usually referred to as the Holocaust — did not occur at all, or that it did not happen in the manner or to the extent historically recognized.

4 Their “reasoning”…. Most Holocaust denial claims imply, or openly state, that the Holocaust is a hoax arising out of a deliberate Jewish conspiracy to advance the interest of Jews at the expense of other peoples.

5 They claim the number of Nazi victims is far smaller than the toll calculated by historians and was more often the result of disease…brought and spread by the Jews themselves…


7 They claim… Ovens were not capable of incinerating as many bodies as the Allies said were destroyed in them.


9 They claim…. Gas chambers were used only for removing lice from prisoners. OR… Gas chambers didn’t exist at all.

10 Empty cans of gas used in gas chambers

11 Zyklon B is the commercial name for a pesticide containing hydrogen cyanide in a carrier. It is normally used to exterminate vermin. The Nazis, especially at Auschwitz, used it to gas Jews.

12 They claim… The Diary of Anne Frank is a fraud because there were marks made in the journal with a Post-War ball point pen.

13 They fail to mention that the marks were made after Anne’s death by Anne’s father….


15 George Lincoln Rockwell – founder of the ANP
Named the mascot dog “Gas Chamber” Told Playboy magazine in 1966 that “I don’t believe for one minute that any 6 million Jews were exterminated. It never happened. “ Then he showed statistics that SUPPOSEDLY showed more Jews alive after the war than before it.

16 The 1948 figures (quoted in the 1949 almanac) are based on the that is pre-war - census. The figures for 1949 are post-war and show a catastrophic drop in the Jewish population, down to 11,266,600. When you factor in the fact that the 1949 edition assessed the 1939 population at 16,643,120, you arrive at a difference of 5,376,520.

17 Rockwell was assassinated in
A man's life is his noblest work. And if his work is carried on by those who survive him, he is not truly dead. Through us, Rockwell lives! Rockwell was assassinated in 1967 by a disgruntled follower but his legacy lives on…

18 In 1978, the Institute for Historical Review was founded…
The mission: Erase the Holocaust by any means – including distortion, misquotation and outright falsification.


20 They claim…. The Jews made up the “Holohoax” to extort money from Germany to help found the state of Israel.






26 They claim… that some Jews suffered under the Nazis, and that there were some Nazi excesses, but deny an overall extermination plan.

27 During a speech in Berlin that was recorded by Allied monitoring services….
“The result of this war will be the complete annihilation of Jews…the hour will come when the most evil universal enemy of all time will be finished…” A. Hitler

28 http://www1. teachertube. com/viewVideo. php

29 Wasn't the Holocaust proven at the war crimes trials?
Yes. The Nuremberg Trials (the trial of the major war criminals and subsequent trials) established beyond a doubt that there had been a plan to exterminate the Jews and that the attempt was made to carry out that plan.

30 The Nazis left behind massive documentation -- memos, orders, photographs, films.

31 They also failed to kill all the Jews, some of whom survived to recall what happened. Their recollections corroborate the documentary and other evidence.

32 Remains of murdered Jews have been found at several locations (most recently at Belzec), blueprints for gas chambers, crematoria and other instruments of death were left behind --

33 In short, the war ended before the Nazis could destroy all the evidence.

34 How does Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism continue to spread?
Soooooooo…… How does Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism continue to spread?





39 Facebook says… "The bottom line is that, of course, we abhor Nazi ideals and find Holocaust denial repulsive and ignorant. However, we believe people have a right to discuss these ideas and we want Facebook to be a place where ideas, even controversial ideas, can be discussed.


41 A logo on a T-shirt


43 TeacherTube Videos - What is the Holocaust?_


45 Help America! Join the NSM!
Almost every day more and more Americans are being killed and maimed in Iraq. WHY? The simple answer is Jews. Jews own George W. Bush Jews came up with the idea for the U.S. to attack Iraq even though Iraq had nothing to do with the attacks on 9/11. Help America! Join the NSM!

46 Level of Desired Commitment (circle all that apply):
Active Membership ~ Supportive~Financial Role / Indicate Branch: NSM ($10.00/month) ~ NSM StormTrooper $10.00/month ) ~ NSM Woman’s Division ($10.00/month) ~Skinhead Division ($35.00/year, free NSM Patch) ~ Viking Youth Corps (13-18 years old) ~ ($5.00/month) As an Aryan Citizen of the United States of America or _______________________ I support a strong free Republic without Jewish influence or control. I recognize the National Socialist Movement, in their efforts to improve the environment and living conditions for all Aryan people. I am in agreement with the goals and principles of the NSM and their aims therein to promote White European values. As a Member of the NSM, I promise to support the NSM and do my part in an effort to advance the Movement and our Race, as a whole. I will actively fight for the National Socialist Movement’s goals and initiatives by my contributions of money donations, materials, service and skills. I, ___________________________________________, support the goals of the National Socialist Movement for all White European Nations. I pledge not to use any methods that are illegal, in the normal sense of the criminal statute, to attain the goals of the NSM and/or a strong free Nation State. I make this pledge to the NSM, of my own free will, for all White peoples to advance my Race. I swear that I am not an agent or partisan whatsoever whose ideals are hostile to the NSM. Signature:_____________________________________________ Date:___________________

47 The Holocaust History Project is dedicated to fighting Holocaust-denial.

48 Those who would erase the memory of the Holocaust must be exposed at every turn.



51 From the depths of the mirror, a corpse gazed back at me
From the depths of the mirror, a corpse gazed back at me. The look in his eyes, as they stared into mine, has never left me. - Elie Wiesel, Night, Ch. 9 Never, ever forget….

52 Some of the parents of students at Pine Bush High School have been campaigning to exclude the study of the Holocaust/reading of Night because it can be disturbing to kids. Write a journal entry to the parent organization voicing your opinion, including information you have learned today.

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