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Welcome to Third Grade in Room 5 ! Your kids are awesome! Thanks for sharing them with me!

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1 Welcome to Third Grade in Room 5 ! Your kids are awesome! Thanks for sharing them with me!

2 I. Introduction  Meet Ms. Evenhuis  My Teaching Philosophy  Teacher Expectations  Goals for Your Child II. Room 5 Overview and General Information  Room 5 Tour  Learning Environment  Organization  Communication Between School and Home  Daily Schedule  Birthday Celebrations Agenda for Tonight

3  Reward Systems  Homework III. Curriculum Overview IV. Volunteering/Parent Involvement  Meet our wonderful room parent! V. Conclusion  Packet on the Web Page  Thank Yous!

4  Since we have a great deal to cover, I have provided paper for any questions you may have. If I don’t answer your specific question, just jot it down, and I’ll get back to you right away with an answer. Additional Questions? No Worries!

5  Born and raised in Palo Alto  Two children, one a senior in high school and a sophomore in college. Also Paco and Penny (dogs), and Skrilly (Bearded Dragon)  Started teaching after 12 years in corporate world  BA in Speech Communication, Teaching Credential from USF, Administrative Credential, Masters Degree in Applied School Leadership  My 14th year teaching (both upper and primary grades)  School Site Council, Writing/Six Traits Committee Lead, District LA/Writing Committee Member. Student Council Advisor, Admin Designee, SST Facilitator Meet Ms. Evenhuis

6  Get to know your child  Every child is unique and special  Instill a love of learning and exploring  Provide opportunities for students to connect with their personal interests and explore them  Explain why what they are learning is important My Teaching Philosophy

7  Student comes ready to learn, ask questions and explore  Student demonstrates respect at all times  Student is responsible  Work is neat and complete  Student participates and cooperates during group projects  Assignments and homework are turned in on time  Student makes good choices  Student gives best effort on a daily basis Teacher Expectations

8  To gain independence, perseverance, and learn to accept responsibility  To learn organization strategies  To participate in positive cooperative learning projects and become supportive classmates for each other  To develop a love of learning and quest for knowledge  To have fun! My Goals for Your Child

9  Provide opportunities to investigate and explore, especially in group settings  Build a safe and welcoming community to encourage risk-taking and new ideas  OK not to know – How do I need to explain it differently? How can you figure it out on your own? Can we try it in another way?  Teach them perseverance and taking responsibility for their actions  PROJECT-BASED LEARNING Learning Environment

10  Most important thing is their safety, both emotional and physical.  Class Rules - Respect, Responsibility, Safety (Students created and signed) Rules of Cooperative Learning (Also student created and signed) Feeling Safe

11  Organization is a huge part of our day.  We have routines which help to keep the class organized. This is VERY important!  Students have a folder/journals for everything. Teaches organizational strategies and responsibility. Organization

12  in the best and fastest way to reach me!  address:  Classroom Web Page:  I POST IMPORTANT DEADLINE AND EVENT INFORMATION THERE AS WELL!  Student Work Packets will be sent home for parent on Thursdays. Often I include work to be signed and returned.  Use Yahoo or Google group as much as possible this year! I send out important notices and summaries in lieu of newsletters.  Parent/Teacher Conferences will be scheduled in mid-October. Since the focus is goal- setting, your child will be invited to attend. Communication

13  8: :10 a.m.Language Arts  10: :30 a.m.Recess  10:30 – 12:10p.m.Math  12: :55 p.m.Lunch  12:55 – 1:15 p.m.Cursive  1:15 - 1:45 p.m.Workshop (DEAR and small group instruction time)  1:45- 2:20 p.m.Science/Social Studies/Writing  2:20 - 2:25 p.m.Homework Assigned  2:30 p.m.Dismissal Sample of a Daily Schedule

14  No food items, please  Non-food items are welcome but certainly not necessary.  We always sing and the student get a visit from the Birthday Bear!  Those students with summer birthdays are welcome to celebrate a half birthday with the class if you chose. Birthday Celebrations

15  Marble Jar  Evenhuis Bucks  Patrick – Keep Clean, Please! Behavior Rewards

16  RED folder!  Nightly Monday-Thursday  Students write homework down in planner  Completed and returned on the due date  How much help can I give my child?  Returned only if there is an issue  Assignments posted on the class web page  If your child is spending more than 25 minutes, let me know.  Homework requests when student is sick Homework

17 Curriculum Overview

18  Houghton Mifflin – Themes in anthology  Important focus for year: Learning to reading non-fiction!  Supplement with core literature sets and Literature Circles  Accelerated Reader (AR) and RazKids  Spelling homework Monday and Thursday nights- Activities and words on web page.  One book project is due each trimester.  Grammar skills are introduced and reviewed weekly. Each story has a corresponding practice packet that covers many different skills and higher-level thinking challenges. Additional instruction and practice during centers. (Parent volunteers to assist.) Language Arts

19  Accelerated Reader assesses comprehension. The weekly stories, as well most books from home or the library, have quizzes that accompany them. Reports are printed out weekly and sent home in Thursday Folders to show parents what their child has been reading and his/her comprehension of the materials.  STAR Test is not the state test, but the assessment component of Accelerated Reader program. Based on questions and passages generated by the student’s responses, STAR will identify an optimum reading level based on the student’s understanding of vocabulary words and reading ability. Accelerated Reader & STAR

20  Narratives, descriptive, informational paragraphs and letters  Focus on idea development and planning this year!!!!  Daily “Quick Write”  Writing across the curriculum  Six Traits – The Language of What Makes Good Writing Ideas Organization Fluency Voice Word Choice Conventions  Step Up To Writing: uses color-codes to construct and write cohesive paragraphs easily.  Writing prompt assigned on Mondays and due on Fridays. They share what they have written with a “buddy.” Writing

21  The main focus of the curriculum will be:  Native American Tribes  Government  Economics  Community History  Geography/Mapping Skills  LIVING WAX MUSEUM IN THE SPRING! Social Studies

22  The Famous American Project culminates with the Living Wax Museum in May. Information from can be found on the class web page. Famous American Project

23  The subjects to be explored this year are: Physical Science/Energy and Matter Earth Science/Astronomy Life Sciences/Organisms & Environment The Scientific Process/Investigation Science

24  Program covers all the CA State Standards  My focus is on challenging the students to develop strategies for solving math problems instead of just rote memorization.  Students practice the topic skill during class time and then have the opportunity to move on to challenge activities if appropriate - May Do Math Center  MATH FACTS ARE EXTEREMLY IMPORTANT!!! Math

25  This will be provided by Starting Arts this year on Thursdays at 1:55. Thank You, PTA!!! Art/Music/Drama/Movement

26  Students will explore:  Word processing (Word)  Basic internet research and projects  Inserting graphics  PowerPoint  Video editing  Plus STEM! Technology

27  P.E. will be Wednesdays and Fridays Wear appropriate shoes to school for P.E.!!! P.E.

28 Volunteering In Room 5

29  Library – Tuesdays at 10:30  Centers - Thursdays at 8:40  Garden lessons  Art Docent lessons  Field Trip Chaperones Opportunities to Help This Year

30  We are in the process of finalizing the schedule for the year. A letter will go home as soon as we have all the details for you. Field Trips

31 Courtney Copeland Thank you for taking on this important job! Meet Our Room Parent!

32  Homework Overview  Daily Reading Suggestions  Book Project & Daily Reading Log  Weekly Spelling Activities  Grammar Standards  10 Step Writing Process  Seven Tips to Help your Child Learn  Seven Styles of Learning PDF for BTSN on Class Web Page: Things to Help Your Child at Home

33 Thanks to the PTA and LAEF for all they do. We couldn’t do this without your support! I appreciate you being here tonight and working with me to provide the best third grade experience possible for your child! Thank You!

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