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Insects Ms Shader.

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1 Insects Ms Shader

2 Insect Project 20 insect species for an ‘A’, 15
for a ‘B’ and 10 for a ‘C’ Labels must have common name on each Plus place found and person who found it 10 must have proper scientific name Pinned through the thorax Wings spread on all moths, dragonflies and butterflies Presentation counts

3 Leaf Project 20 leaf species
1 – 2 leaves per page so that you have a book All leaves must be identified by the plant they came from using both the common name and the scientific name. All leaves must be identified with the place the leaf was found and the person who found it. Use a leaf press to flatten and dry leaves (5-7) days Red Maple Acer rubrum Pine Bush, NY Collected by: Michael Raucci July,

4 Proper Labels Red Maple Acer rubrum Pine Bush, NY
Common Housefly Mosca Negro Pine Bush, NY Collected by: Holly Shader August 21, 2007 Common Name: Scientific Name: Place Caught: Collected by: Date Collected: Red Maple Acer rubrum Pine Bush, NY Collected by: Holly Shader July,

5 Which of the following is the closest relative to a grasshopper?
Octopus Crab Snail Clam What did you base your answer on?

6 What do all Insects have in common?
Insects are ARTHROPODS Invertebrates (No backbone or spinal cord) Bilateral symmetry (left and right side similar) Head with brain Exoskeleton made of protein and chitin Jointed limbs Open circulatory system

7 All insects also have Three body sections - head, thorax, abdomen
One pair of antennae 2 Compound eyes Thorax has 3 segments, each with a pair of legs (6 legs). Abdomen usually has 11 segments and spiracles (openings used for breathing. Open circulatory system Develop through metamorphosis (stages)

8 Life cycles of insects Incomplete Metamorphosis Complete Metamorphosis

9 How many are there? 290,000 species of beetles
103,000 species of ants, bees and wasps 112,000 moths and butterflies 164,000 other insect species (flys etc.)

10 BIOMASSIVE If you calculated the weight of all the insects in the world..
It would be more than all other animals combined.

11 Monarch Butterflies Gather in Mexico – as many as 4 million per acre.

12 Which of these are insects?

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