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English Department Parental Involvement English Department Chair Laura Dobson.

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2 English Department Parental Involvement English Department Chair Laura Dobson

3 As Parent & Teachers in East Ramapo  We cannot allow the past to inhibit the future.  We believe that all students can be successful.  We must take responsibility.

4 The Problem MMiddle School age students are vulnerable. They require a support system of both parents and teachers. However, sometimes it is difficult for us to keep in contact. IIn today’s society the value of education is underestimated. DDue to busy schedules parents are unable to attend PTA meetings and other school events. EEducation is not carrying over into the home.

5 Statement of Needs  We need to have parents involved.  We would like parents to be aware of the educational process.  We need parents to feel confident.  We need parents to be our partners.

6 Our Mission  To assist children in becoming successful learners.  To empower parents in their child’s education.

7 We can work together  Send an email to your child’s teachers. This will also give them a way to contact you. All teachers can be found on the school website. The following page includes a list of email addresses for the English department.  School calendars and website list all events. Check it regularly so you can plan in advance.  Each teacher has a website where they list assignments, projects, and due dates. You can also post a message for them.  All English teachers can be reached in the English Office at (845) 577-6336.

8 English Department Contacts Laura Dobson Ms. Langenmayr klangenmayr@ercsd.k12.ny Ms. Politzer Ms. Zamor Mr. Bernstein Mr. Buchman Ms. Gebbia Ms. Kubrick

9 READING AT HOME Model reading behaviors. Ask your child to read things aloud to you or family member. –R–Recipes –A–Articles –C–Cereal box –P–Picture books –C–Comics –L–Letters home from school –D–Driving directions Activate the closed caption feature on your television so they can read their favorite shows. Share reading experiences and reflect on what was read. Encourage regular visits to the library for entire family. Leave notes for you child to read with information that is important to them.

10 Learning at Home Ask for updates and explanations about things that are happening in school or on a show they are watching. Discuss predictions and ask for supportive reasoning. Discuss current events. Ask child to take notes on verbal instructions that are important to them.

11 Teamwork

12 A World of Opportunity

13 Thank You

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