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Genetics N’ Stuff.

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1 Genetics N’ Stuff

2 Who Came Up with This? Gregor Mendel Proposed theory of heredity Traits are passed from parents to offspring

3 He worked with pea plants
tall short

4 Why did the tall override the short?
Dominant= trait that is bossy Recessive= trait that gets masked

5 Section 10.1 Summary – pages 253-262
Tall plant Short plant tall plant passes on “T” allele = letter dominant over “t” allele T T t t T t All tall plants T t Section 10.1 Summary – pages

6 Why does each trait have 2 letters?
A letter is passed from each parent Hello! Heredity

7 Homozygous- 2 same size letters HH or hh
Heterozygous= different size letters Hh

8 Physical trait= round snoot!!
If I have genotype Ww, and W=round snoot and w=pointy snoot, what will my phenotype be? Physical trait= round snoot!!

9 Phenotype= physical trait
Genotype = letters or alleles

10 Let’s do an example with a punnett square!

11 If there are only brown dominant chickens and white recessive chickens, how could you get a red chicken? Incomplete dominance

12 Incomplete= 2 phenotypes mix to make a medium trait
Codominance= when both phenotypes show up Example= blood type

13 But what about height? There are way more than 2 or 3 sizes of person!
Polygenic Traits

14 Polygenic Traits More than one allele controls it Examples: height,

15 Traits can also be linked by 9sex
Only boys get color blindness Hemophilia

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