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Expansion and Migration by the 1840’s. Boone and Exploration Daniel Boone explored Kentucky and helped Americans get to the West more easily -He served.

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1 Expansion and Migration by the 1840’s

2 Boone and Exploration Daniel Boone explored Kentucky and helped Americans get to the West more easily -He served in the Kentucky legislature and helped explore Missouri

3 Getting Bigger Americans were moving and growing, with many going west of the Appalachian Mountains -In 1780, there were 2.7 million Americans; by 1830, there were 12 million

4 Mexico Welcomes US Citizens Many US citizens wanted to live in Texas, which was a part of Mexico -Mexico had won its independence from Spain in 1821 -Mexico wanted to increase the non-Tejano population, so it offered cheap land without taxes  Mexico hired empresarios to recruit Americans that would become loyal Mexicans

5 People in Mexico Tejanos: Natives living in Texas that were discriminated against. empresarios: People who agreed to attract and take care of the new Mexican settlers. -They were given large land grants, which they were to divide and sell to “Texicans” -Moses and Stephen Austin were the first empresarios from the US; they founded Texas in 1822

6 Changing Their Minds Because too many Americans immigrated to Texas, Mexico decided to close the borders and stop the importation of slaves in 1829

7 Santa Anna Rises General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was elected president of Mexico in 1833, but he soon declared himself to be a dictator -Stephen Austin was sent to jail after the election, but was released in 1834…he predicted a war

8 Earning an Independent Texas Texas Revolution: Successful revolution by Texans against Mexico from 1835- 1836.

9 Texas Hero Sam Houston was the leader of Texan forces during the revolution -He had fought under Jackson during the War of 1812, and was once governor of Tennessee -He became the only president of Texas Houston had rebels seize control of San Antonio in 1835; they set a fort at the Alamo, a mission

10 The Alamo Battle of the Alamo: Successful thirteen day siege by Mexico from February – March 1836. -Santa Anna personally led the Mexican troops against 189 Texans, who were led by William Travis, Jim Bowie, and David Crockett -Women, children, and slaves hid inside the mission, and were spared by the Mexicans -The Texan loss led to the famous rallying cry, “Remember the Alamo!”

11 Defender: Travis William Travis, the disliked, unofficial leader of the Texans, died early at the Alamo -According to legend, he drew a line in the sand with his sword and said that all those who wanted to leave could cross...but almost everybody stayed (William Rose left) -He sent Juan Seguin to get reinforcements, but help did not arrive in time

12 Defender: Bowie Beloved frontiersman Jim Bowie, known for the invention of the Bowie knife, had pneumonia and was killed in his bed by Mexican soldiers, despite his efforts to fight them off

13 Defender: Crockett David Crockett, the famous frontiersman and former congressman from Tennessee, was captured during the battle and executed after it -He was highly respected by the men at the Alamo and was the subject of many tall tales

14 From Bad to Worse Weeks after the Battle of the Alamo, Mexico claimed another victory at Goliad -400 survivors were executed on Santa Anna’s orders, hurting Texan morale -Francita Alavez saved some Texans and became known as the “Angel of Goliad”

15 A New Hope Sam Houston surprised Santa Anna’s troops at the San Jacinto River

16 Texan Victory! Battle of San Jacinto: Victory for the Texans in April 1836 that ended the Texas Revolution. -Santa Anna was defeated in only fifteen minutes, and was forced to sign the Treaty of Velasco

17 Never Give Up Mexico did not recognize the Treaty of Velasco because of the circumstances in which Santa Anna signed it; Santa Anna lost his dictatorship because of it

18 Republic of Texas Texas remained an independent country until 1845 because the US would not annex it -The Texas Rangers were created to enforce the law and protect the republic from Santa Anna, who regained power in 1839 and resumed the fight against Texas Tejanos were still treated poorly, despite fighting alongside the Texans in the revolution

19 The Issue of Oregon The US and Britain had shared Oregon since the Convention of 1818, but in 1846, President James K. Polk faced American demands of “Fifty-four forty or fight!”

20 Oregon: Solution -The land was important to both countries because of the fur trade -The two countries agreed to split the region at the 49th Parallel and avoided a war

21 The Oregon Trail The Oregon Trail began for pioneers in Independence, Missouri -The threats included harsh environments, belligerent natives, and equipment problems -Some friendly native groups helped settlers by serving as guides and trading partners

22 Creation of the Mormons The Mormons were founded by Joseph Smith in New York City in 1830; their religious views, including polygamy, made them unpopular in US society -Smith claimed that he had divine help in translating scripture on golden plates

23 The Mormons Move West Smith was murdered by a mob in Illinois in 1844 -Brigham Young led the Mormons across the Rocky Mountains and to the Great Salt Lake

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