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Out of This World JEOPARDY Moon/Moon Phases 100 200 300 400 Sun/Earth/Moon System 100 200 300 400 Sun/Planets 100 200 300 400 500 Comets/Stars 100 200.

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1 Out of This World JEOPARDY Moon/Moon Phases 100 200 300 400 Sun/Earth/Moon System 100 200 300 400 Sun/Planets 100 200 300 400 500 Comets/Stars 100 200 300 400 To double jeopardy

2 Moon/Moon Phases : 100 What does each part of the diagram represent- i.e. the projector, X and numbered circles?

3 Moon/Moon Phases : 200 What number represents a full moon and which number represents a new moon?

4 Moon/Moon Phases: 300 What number represents a half moon with the left side lit up? Name this phase

5 Moon/Moon Phases: 400 What number represents a half moon with the right side lit up? Name this phase

6 Sun/Earth/Moon System: 100 What is the difference between orbit or revolve and rotate?

7 Sun/Earth/Moon System : 200 Describe the orbit and rotation of the Moon. (How long does it take to orbit and rotate?)

8 Sun/Earth/Moon System : 300 Describe why we have seasons Why is it summer when we are tilted towards the sun?

9 Sun/Earth/Moon System : 400 How long does it take the Earth to rotate once and revolve once?

10 Sun/Planets: 100 The planets were formed from left over _______________.

11 Sun/Planets: 200 When and how was the Sun formed?

12 Sun/Planets : 300 What makes Venus like Earth- list 2 things? What one thing makes Venus different?

13 Sun/Planets : 400 What makes Jupiter most similar to Earth?

14 Sun/Planets: 500 What makes Mars like Earth- list 2 things What makes it most different? Name one thing

15 Comets/Stars: 100 Why do the stars appear to rotate over night?

16 Comets/Stars : 200 Why does a comet’s speed increase as it approaches the Sun?

17 Comets/Stars: 300 Why does the North Star not appear to rotate across the night sky?

18 Comets/Stars : 400 Why does the tail of a comet point away from the Sun?

19 Projector = sun X = Earth Numbered circles = the moon

20 5 is full moon 1 is new moon

21 7 3 rd quarter

22 ORBIT – to go around another object ROTATE – to turn on an axis

23 27.3 days to rotate and revolve

24 WE have seasons due to the tilt of Earth’s axis. This causes the sun’s rays to change intensity. In summer the sun’s rays are more direct on us. Or, they are more concentrated on us. Or, we have more daylight hours!

25 24 hours or 1 day to rotate 365 days or 1 year to revolve

26 Gas, ice, and dust

27 The sun was formed as a result of nuclear fusion, 4,600,000,000 years ago.

28 Like: volcanoes, greenhouse effect, similar size Different: The surface temperature of Venus reaches 475 degrees Celsius.

29 Jupiter has stormy weather.

30 Like: polar ice caps, both have seasons, both are windy. Different: Mars’ atmosphere contains carbon dioxide.

31 The earth rotates on its axis

32 The force of gravity between the sun and the comet increases.

33 It is aligned with the North Pole.

34 The solar wind, which is a stream of charged particles, causes the tail of the comet to point away from the sun.

35 3 First quarter

36 Out of This World Double Jeopardy Galileo 200 400 600 Galaxies 200 400 600 NASA 200 400 600 Grab Bag 200 400 600 Magnetism 200 400 600

37 Galileo 200 Galileo came up with the idea that the sun was the center of the universe. This explanation is called a ________________ because it explains how something happened-based on scientific reasoning and observation.

38 Theory

39 Galileo 400 Why did the sun-centered model replace the older Earth-centered model?

40 Because it was supported by more observations and evidence.

41 Galileo 600 Why was Galileo imprisoned?

42 For having theories that went against existing beliefs

43 Magnetism 200 What does earth’s magnetic field have in common with a bar magnet?

44 The earth’s magnetic field also has a North Pole and South Pole

45 Magnetism 400 What type of device has a magnetized needle that aligns with the earth’s magnetic field?

46 Compass

47 Magnetism 600 What factors played a part in the formation of the earth’s magnetic field?

48 Earth’s rotation Iron in earth’s core

49 Galaxies 200 What is the name of the Galaxy we live in and where are we located in that galaxy?

50 The Milky Way Galaxy In one of the arms (Orion arm)

51 Galaxies 400 Why are we unable to see the spiral shape of the Milky Way galaxy from where we live?

52 Because we are inside of it !

53 Galaxies 600 Put the following terms in order from smallest to largest: galaxy, solar system, planet and universe

54 Planet Solar system Galaxy Universe

55 NASA 200 Think about the dog named Laika that the Russians sent into space. Some information was gained from this experience, what did they learn?

56 Any of the following: –Learned about the conditions in space –Effects of space on living organism –Learned how to improve future flights

57 NASA 400 Name at least two benefits we have gained from NASA’s missions or technologies:

58 Spinoffs including: ski boots, memory foam, helmet padding, communication data- cell phones, satellite tv, weather etc.

59 NASA 600 NASA has spent millions of dollars on many inventions. Sometimes they work out, sometimes they don’t. In general what does this show us?

60 There are risks and benefits to funding NASA

61 Grab Bag 200 Which light has more intensity, the top or the bottom?

62 The top light

63 Grab Bag 400 What season would it be in the northern hemisphere? Why?

64 It would be winter because: We are titled away giving less direct sunlight OR We receive less daylight hours

65 Grab Bag 600 Think about the Crater Lab. In the first part of the experiment we were testing how meteor size affects crater size. 1.# of trials you did and why 2.Name the variable and control 3.What things will you measure

66 3 trials to get consistency in data Variable: size of marble (meteor) Control: height dropped, surface of sand Measure circumference of marble, diameter of crater and height dropped.

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