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Bellwork Geography.

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1 Bellwork Geography

2 Bell Work Geography 1 (8.29) Describe what you think Geography means.
Why do you think it might be important to study geography in history class?

3 Bell Work Geography 2 What are the 7 continents?
Describe each of the five themes of geography.

4 Bell Work Geography 3 What is the difference between the Prime Meridian and the Equator? Why are these “imaginary” lines important?

5 Bell Work 4 Use the political cartoon on the next slide and the Political Cartoon activity we did in class to find the answers to these three questions: 1. What symbols, or objects that usually mean one thing but represent something else, do you see in this cartoon? 2. What details do you see in the political cartoon – pull out pictures and words? 3. What is the main idea of the political cartoon?

6 Bell Work Geography 4

7 Unit 2: Roots of the American People
Bell Work Unit 2: Roots of the American People

8 Bell Work 1 9/23/13 Word Association: Make a list of all the words you think of when you hear “Native Americans”

9 Bell Work 2 9/24/13 What is a theory?
How did the first people come to America? What is evidence?

10 Bell work 3 10/1 Describe a civilization. What do you need to make a civilization?

11 Journal 2 Describe your culture. Remember, culture is your way of life. Think about your religion, your language, your traditions.

12 BW 4 Explain what a civilization is? What is necessary for a civilization?

13 Bell Work 5 Compare two of the North American Native American groups we learned about from our reading. How are they different?

14 Bell Work 6 Explorers who arrived in North and South America began to refer to it as the “New World”. Do YOU agree or disagree with this name? Defend your answer.

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