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Many types of evidence support evolution

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1 Many types of evidence support evolution
Note for B 1.3 Many types of evidence support evolution

2 Observations provide evidence for theories.
Theory—a widely accepted statement based on scientific evidence that helps explain and predict natural phenomena Theory of Evolution—based on three sources of evidence: Fossil Biological genetic

3 Fossil evidence supports evolution.
Fossil evidence shows that 2 speciees with a common ancestor can develop differently. Ancestor—a distant or early form of an organism from which later forms descend

4 Biological evidence supports evolution.
Includes the structure and development of living things Includes vestigial organs and similar structures with different functions Vestigial organs—physical structures that are longer useful to a living organism, but may have existed as fully developed similar structures useful to a common ancestor (vestigial limb in a whale)

5 Biological evidence (continued)
Different species share many similar structures, but these have different functions, such as the forelimbs of a bat, gecko, lizard, or manatee. Similarities is embryonic development also indicate common ancestry.

6 Genetic development supports evolution.
Similar organisms have very similar genes; less closely related organisms have genes that are easy to tell apart. Organisms with similar patterns of DNA also share common ancestors.

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