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Direct democracy vs. Indirect democracy

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1 Direct democracy vs. Indirect democracy
Which is better?????????

2 Direct democracy Started in Athens, Greece
All citizens(free men) participated in government Each citizen voted on every issue

3 Indirect democracy Originated in Rome
Representative democracy-people are selected to represent the wants of the people and vote for them Ex. 1 senator for each state

4 Who will be your next president?
Think about the following candidates to represent you as 7th graders and be prepared to vote: Bart Simpson King Kong Justin Bieber Selena Gomez

5 Time to make the laws Every citizen in the class is participating in this activity: In the next 10 minutes, you need to come up with 5 laws that everyone agrees upon that the class has to follow. Can you do it???????????

6 New strategy Your next challenge is to pick ONE representative from each table to send to our class meeting. Your representative will hopefully represent your needs/wants for your table. The six representatives for the class need to come up with five rules for the class to follow within 5-10 minutes.

7 ONE ring to rule them all!!!!!!
One of you is going to be the supreme ruler of this class!!!!! Once you are picked, you MUST decide on five laws that YOU want the class to follow within the 10 minutes provided.

8 Open-ended question Which strategy in your opinion(direct democracy, indirect democracy OR autocracy) works best for governing a country? Explain your reasoning why with specific details.

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