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Explaining differences/ Explaining similarities

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1 Explaining differences/ Explaining similarities
Nature VS nurture Explaining differences/ Explaining similarities

2 Question If it were possible, would you want to take a genetic test telling you which diseases you are likely to suffer from later in life? If you or your partner were pregnant- would you want the unborn child tested for genetic defects?

3 Nature when biology determines characteristic's
Biological determinism

4 Dominant and Recessive Genes
The Tower of London 46 Books 23 donated by mother 23 donated by father Books are Chromosomes Chromosomes made from dna Genes are small areas of dna 30,000 genes per chromosome

5 Dominant vs. recessive genes
Dominant genes Recessive genes Characteristic is always present Two recessive genes must be paired in order for the characteristic to be present

6 Consider Dolly…. Would a human clone’s adult personality mimic the person donating the genetic code? or Would he/she be unique?

7 Heredity=When biology determines characteristics
Genetic Predisposition Genetic Determinism Humans are born with a likelihood toward certain characteristics Does not mean “Born with” Usually needs something from the environment to activate- (diathesis-stress model) Common genetic predispositions….body weight-alcoholism-Alzheimer’s-Schizophrenia The idea that genes determine characteristics Genotype= “full” heredity Phenotype= “observed” properties Common genetic abnormalities.. Down Syndrome, Williams Syndrome, Color blindness, PKU

8 How do genes and the environment interact?
PKU= Phenylketonuria Occurs when parents pass along a defective gene

9 How Similar Are We? How do we know?

10 Identical Twins Reared apart…
The Minnesota Twin Study

11 Adoption Studies Characteristics more similar to biological parents..
With some exceptions.. Faith, values, manners, attitude.

12 Your “genetic” or “Core” of your personality is your temperament
The Easy child The Difficult child The Slow-to-warm-up child What works best? Parent/Child-Goodness-of-fit

13 “Life is like a game of cards
“Life is like a game of cards. The hand that is dealt you presents determinism; the way you play it is free will.” Nehru

14 The Environment (and our experiences) shape us…

15 Nature enables nurture and Nurture enables nature
Critical Period: An important time in development where development needs to happen or it will be delayed or dysfunctional Prenatal influences: German measles, birth defects, teratogens, fetal alcohol syndrome Culture: Establish their own norms

16 Experience and Brain Development… It’s complicated
Impoverished Environment Enriched Environment The Somerville Project Abecedarian Project

17 Big Boys don’t cry!

18 How does Nature and nurture interact to define us as male or female?
Gender Roles Gender Identity A set of expected behaviors for males and for females One’s personal sense of being male or female

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