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Utopia v Dystopia.

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1 Utopia v Dystopia

2 Utopia: an imaginary and indefinitely remote place; a place of ideal perfection especially in laws, government, and social conditions. A place perfect in its social, political and moral behavior. First Introduced in 1516 by Sir Thomas More in Utopia, about the ideal country. Dystopia: an imaginary place where people lead dehumanized and often fearful lives. A place perfect in its social, political and moral corruption.

3 Utopia Utopia (opposite of Dystopia) Examples
Government rules through Pacifying Society Or there is no Government Control and people just get along (right…) Perfect World No suffering Examples Anarchism / Technocracy No Government, Peace, Everyone just gets along Science rules everything Technology makes peace possible Not really realistic Utopia doesn’t have as many stories, because it isn’t fun to watch a bunch of people having perfect lives

4 Dystopia Dystopia Example Government rules through FEAR
Or there is no government Suffering keeps people in a state of FEAR Example V for Vendetta Harrison Bergeron North Korea / China Fascist / False Communist states

5 Dystopia Generally referred to as Dystopian Future Examples
V for Vendetta (explosions… guy fawkes… anonymous..) Equilibrium (a Christian Bale movie… with kung fu) Blade Runner (Neon and dismemberment) Resident Evil (Zombies. Umbrella Corporation. Machine Guns.) The Hunger Games (Big government. Bread shortage. Tongues cut out) Brave New World?! (Sex, Drugs, Clones, Road Trips… the works) Disputable. We could totally argue for Utopia also.

6 Utopian Worlds Utopias do not have war, hunger, disease.
There are mechanisms that keep people happy. There must be a system that makes everyone happy. Videogames / Virtual World Drugs Voting Taught to be happy Born to be happy Utopias do not have war, hunger, disease. Describe how these things were done away with. Give me systems. Why are there no wars? Why is there no disease? Why are people happy? Answer these three questions if you are having a hard time starting.

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