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Centennial High School IB Program Community Service.

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1 Centennial High School IB Program Community Service

2 What is Community Service? Why do we have to do Community Service? 2010 Rose Floats Ontario Food Bank –Feed the Children Hemopet – Greyhound Rescue Disney Half Marathon 2011

3 Centennial IB Community Service Requirements 1.9th grade student to complete 25 hours per year. 2.10th graders to complete 30 hours per year. 3.Complete a minimum of TWO different types of community service activity per school year. 4.All activities recorded on the community service Reflections/Evaluation form” 5.Completed Reflections/Evaluation forms will be collected by your student’s Language Arts Teacher on October 16, January 16 and March 17 which is the final deadline—no exceptions. The language arts teachers will be posting hours in the parent information system. 6.There are three dates: Students may complete only 10 hours over the summer break and the remaining 15-20 hours throughout the school year. 7.Students who Do Not complete the required CS Hours Will Not receive the IBMYP Certificate of Completion at the end of 10 th grade.

4 Centennial IB Community Service Team Sports, Marching Band & Flag-Team 1.Centennial 9th grader participating in a Centennial HS Team sports, band and flag-team may count up to a maximum of 7 hours of community service per the school year. 10th grader may count up to a maximum of 10 hours of community service per the school year. A community service reflection page must be completed by the student and signed by their coach or band teacher and turned in at the end of their particular sports or band/flag season. 2.You may count up to 2 hours of community service for secular performances such as a play, a recital, a dance recital or concert in which you are a participant. These performances can include non-school related secular venues. 3.Sports, Band, Dance, Play or Color-Guard performances and rehearsals DO NOT count. Behind the scenes services, such as set-up or clean-up may count for 2 hours. 4.Students participation in academic competition such as County and State Science Fair, Math Field-Day, Speech-Meet, Mock-Trial, FBLA, etc… may count the hours in which they competed, however this does not include time for set-up, travel to and from the event or breaks during the competition.

5 Centennial IB Community Service Restrictions 1.Students may not volunteer for more than 8 hours per day for one single event. Any hours over the initial 8 hours for a one day event will not be counted towards your students total hours for that day. 2.Community Service events must be a non-profit organization with a 501 (c ) tax designation. 3.Community Service must not DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY COMPENSATE YOU OR YOUR FAMILY or FRIENDS FINANCIALLY. 4.Community service events not listed the Pre-Approved Community Service Events list, must obtain prior approval from Mrs. Rasmussen and Mrs. Flores. A Community Service Proposal Form is used to for this purpose. 5.Community Service Long-Term log sheets are to be used in conjunction with a CS Reflections sheet/form. Staple the long-term log sheet to the completed community service reflections sheet and into Language Arts Teacher. 6.Not sure if a particular community service event meets the Centennial HS CS Guideline? ASK Mrs. Flores and/or Mrs. Rasmussen before you attend the event.

6  Corona Beautiful  Rose Parade float construction  Any major “walks” for specific cures/causes (such as breast cancer)T  Temescal Valley Fair  School carnivals where you are involved in setting up or cleaning up  Tutoring at: the Corona Public Library  Centennial’s peer tutoring program  IBSA’s mentoring at Garretson  Formal volunteer work at a community hospital or animal shelter  Volunteer work at: ◦ School’s sports events (timekeeper, referee, snack stand, etc)  Little League sports (coaching, time-keeping, refereeing, etc)  The Settlement House  Any pre-approved service opportunity emailed to you through IB. Centennial IB CS Pre-Approved Events

7 Activities not considered CS for IBMYP 1.Household, baby-sitting or childcare chores performed at your home or the home of friends, or other family members. 2.Any type of proselytizing or religious instruction. 3.Volunteering/helping at ANY private business, schools, studios, paying day- care or parent’s place of work, unless it is a non-profit organization with a 501C3 provision as required by the Internal Revenue (Internal Revenue Code (26 U.S.C. § 501(c)). This includes helping a friend or family member with their business or tasks such as cleaning or moving.Internal Revenue Code26 U.S.C.§ 501(c) 4.Doing any duties that would normally be done by a PAID employee. 5.Helping a teacher with classroom organization, cleanup, correcting homework, test papers, giving or proctoring test, entering any grades into a computer system and certifying students. 6.Tutoring or helping a friend with homework.

8 Centennial IB Community Service Communication

9 Centennial IB Community Service Form

10 How does all this tie into getting into college? What are the admission officer looking for? TIME MANAGEMENT!

11 All time away from studies should be included into total time per event True total time: 116.52 Hours

12 Place on application the events in order of SIGNIFICANCE General rule of thumb, pick the top 10 most significant events to place on apps


14 They ask about longevity They want to know what you did there


16 They ask about longevity If you held office Level of competition


18 Community Service & Clubs FBLA HMA ASB Key Club

19 Community Service Scholarships

20 Centennial IB Creativity, Action, and Service (CAS) 11 th & 12 th grades IB Diploma Program (DP) Students must complete approximately 150 CAS hours over a 18 month period. Mrs. Lynn Flores is the CAS Coordinator. IB World website: ulum/core/

21 List of Site to find Volunteer Events

22  What is the minimum age required for participation?  What is the description of the volunteer work?  If your child does not meet the minimum age, will they accept your child with parental participation/supervision?  Do they have any waivers that need to be filled out prior to attending the event?  What time do the volunteers need to check in?  Will breakfast, snacks, lunch and water be provided for the volunteers?  What type of security will be in attendance (especially important at larger venues)?  Why type of clothing is required? Questions to ask the Event Coordinator

23 Community Service TIPS  Help your student track their progress and plan out their community service  DUE DATES: October 16, January 16 and March 17 which is the final deadline—no exceptions.  Carpool to events  Wear the Centennial IB T-shirts to events  Have Students do research about the host organization to help them with the Reflections sheet write-up.  Complete Reflections sheets immediately, don’t wait!  Take photos of the student working the events  Start a community service log/book/album/digital file.  Income Tax

24 Contacts Mrs. MaryAnn Rasmussen IB Director 951-739-5670 Mrs. Lynn Flores IBMYP Community Service & CAS Coordinator 951-739-5670

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