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Things or behaviors in various forms that exist in all societies.

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1 Things or behaviors in various forms that exist in all societies.
Cultural Universals Things or behaviors in various forms that exist in all societies.

2 The 9 Cultural Universals
1. Material: Artifacts made by groups of people Food Clothing and adornment Tools and weapons Housing and shelter Household articles Ritual items Personal possessions

3 The 9 Cultural Universals
2. Social Organization the ways that a group of people organize themselves in groups in order to function Families Kinship systems Clans City-States Nations

4 The 9 Cultural Universals
3. Social Control/Institutions: long-lasting ways of doing things that are important to people’s well-being. Marriage/Family Religion Education Government/military Legal and penal system Hospitals Markets/Business/Corporations

5 The 9 Cultural Universals
4. Language: the use of a set of symbols, spoken or written, to communicate ideas and feelings. Nonverbal Verbal Written Symbols

6 The 9 Cultural Universals
5. Arts, Play, & Recreation the ways that a people express themselves creatively. Fine Arts: Drawing, painting, etc. Performing Arts: Acting, dancing, etc Architecture Standards of beauty & taste

7 The 9 Cultural Universals
6. Environment: conditions that influence lives of a group of people. What does the environment in which we live affect? Human-Environment Interactions

8 The 9 Cultural Universals
7. Economy: the production (making), distribution (selling), and consumption (using) of goods and services. Jobs Goods/services Movement of goods/services Trade/exchange

9 The 9 Cultural Universals
Education: How a society teaches its values and traditions Informal Formal

10 The 9 Cultural Universals
9. World View/Beliefs: something a group of people believe to be true. Religion Politics Norms Ethics Values

11 Culture Vocabulary Culture: a complete way of life of people share similar customs and beliefs and pass on to their children. Customs: a common way of doing something among a group of people. Society: a group of people who share a common culture.

12 Vocab… Social Structure; the ways in which people are organized into smaller groups, each having its own particular task. Socialization: the process of learning to be part of a culture or society. Norm: a culture’s standards of behavior or rule that a member of a society is supposed to live by.

13 Vocab… Ethics: the standards or code of moral behavior that distinguishes between right and wrong. Value: an object, idea, or belief that a culture considers very important. Economy: system in which goods and services are produced and distributed.

14 Vocab… Language: the way human beings pass on their culture.
Extended family: family with grandparents, aunts, uncles, grown children, parents, and small children living together. Nuclear family: family of parents and their children living together.

15 Vocab… Role: the function of a person in a society.
Status: the degree of importance we have in society. Icon: an image or figure that represents something (like a nation’s flag).

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