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Welcome 7 th and 8 th Grade Parents!. Kimberly Brown – Science/Science Lab Bethany Moore – English/Spanish Kevin Prendergast – Math/Life Skills Camille.

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1 Welcome 7 th and 8 th Grade Parents!

2 Kimberly Brown – Science/Science Lab Bethany Moore – English/Spanish Kevin Prendergast – Math/Life Skills Camille Kavon – History/Humanities Elizabeth Greminger – 7 th Grade PE Michelle Hellenbrand – 8 th Grade PE

3 Times6A6B7A7B8A8B Homeroom TeacherKeeferSchlemmerBrownMoorePrendergastKavon 8:10-8:155HR/Passing 8:15-9:0550Math Adv 1Lang ArtsPELang ArtsInter Math 1PE 9:05-9:083PASSING 9:08-9:5850ScienceSocial StudiesSciencePE Social Studies 9:58-10:013PASSING 10:01-10:5150PE Math Adv 2Social StudiesScienceLang Arts 10:51-10:576PASSING 10:57-11:4750Lang ArtsMath Adv 1Social StudiesMath Adv 2Lang ArtsScience 11:47-11:503PASSING 11:50-12:4050Social StudiesScienceLang ArtsScienceSocial StudiesInter Math 1 12:40-1:2040Lunch 1:20-1:233PASSING 1:23-2:3067Elective

4 "Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science.“-Edwin Hubble The world has changed dramatically since I started teaching in 1994…We are now an information society in exponential times! Goal is to foster critical THINKERS Engage, Explore, Explain, Extend Emphasis on the Scientific Method Ignite inquiry, Encourage questions, Emphasis on interdependence locally and globally Hands-on, Minds-on!


6 7 th Grade – Life Science Cell Structure and Function Heredity / DNA Theory of Evolution Taxonomy / Classification Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi Plant Processes Invertebrates / Vertebrates Ecosystems / Environment Human Body Systems Properties / States of Matter Force and Motion Energy / Work / Machines Atomic Theory The Periodic Table Chemistry: Bonds, Reactions Electricity and Magnetism Electronic Technology Waves, Sound, Light 8 th Grade –Physical Science

7 Projects 3D Cell Models Plant/Animal Dissections Human Anatomy Research Atomic/Molecular Models Rube-Goldberg Machines Roller Coaster Physics Electrical Circuits Spring Science Fair CA Science Center Museum of Tolerance Medieval Times Knott’s Berry Farm Field Trips

8 How to stay informed… Check class website every weekend for announcements and upcoming assignments Check online for grades and missing work Check out The Brown Bulletin in the Wednesday folder monthly Email Mrs. Brown-

9 Fifth year teaching at CAPE Earned M.A. in Educational Leadership, May 2013 Loves reading YA books Avid learner Enjoys spending time with family and friends Getting married to Coach Connick in June 2015

10 1:1 iPads 1:1 wireless keyboards Plagiarism Awareness Jupiter – type and submit writing assignments online Newsela – online reading comprehension of nonfiction text IXL – online grammar practice


12 7 th Grade Reading Record 400 pages monthly Book Reports/Projects Classroom discussions Writing Genres Fictional/Autobiographic al Narrative Argumentative Informational/Explanatory Literature Circles Dialectical Journals Small group discussions Develop writing and critical analysis skills Write responses and reflections Develop vocabulary Review writing conventions Writing Portfolio 8 th Grade

13 8 th Grade Only Summer assignment due Tuesday, August 26 th Assignment was sent home with final report card at the end of last year with students Questions/Concerns? Students should contact me by email. Donations Used young adult novels Jr. Optimist Club Thursdays 2:30-3:15 Applications available next week Year-long commitment Miscellaneous

14 Email Phone 805-384-1415 New Blog!!!

15 This will be my second year at CAPE. Worked in software development for 10 years+. Lives in Camarillo and enjoy many different outdoor activities including soccer, hockey, gardening, and hiking. Have two daughters enrolled in CAPE and a son who graduated ACHS. I have taught junior high and high school PreAlgebra, Algebra 1, and Geometry. Multiple Subject, and Single Subject Teaching Credentials in Mathematics and finished my Master’s degree in Education this past year.

16 Topics being covered include: – Equations – Geometry – Linear Equations – Functions – Pythagorean Theorem – Data Analysis – and more


18 Topics being covered include: Relationships Between Quantities Expressions Equations and Inequalities Linear Functions Systems of Equations Exponential Functions and more


20 Agenda – Daily homework will be assigned 200 page composition book – for daily notes Pencil (mechanical suggested, with lead refill) Paper (lined and graph) Calculator Protractor and Compass

21 Email Phone 805-384-1415 x215 Website x Linked directly from the CAPE faculty site

22 Mrs. Kavon 8 th Grade Homeroom Advisory 8 th Grade American History 7 th Grade World History 6-8 Humanities Elective

23 7 th Grade World History The history and geography of civilizations that were developing concurrently throughout the world during medieval and early modern times. (A.D./C.E. 500-1700s) 8 th Grade American History Survey the ideas, issues, and events that occurred in America from 1754 – 1900. Study the geographic, political and economic developments that affect current events.  Develop writing and historical analysis skills critical to understanding and interpreting the past. Online resource  Documents, maps, interactive assignments, discussions

24 Field Trips Special Opportunities

25 All students will need the following:  Three ring binder with dividers  Loose-leaf notebook paper, college ruled  Pens, pencils, erasers  USB Flash Drive  An email address and home access to a computer, tablet or “smart” device. Please consider donating to our classroom: tissues, sanitizing wipes and markers. Thanks!

26 Email: Teacher Web: Online Grade book: Jupiter

27 Flag Football (co-ed) Wednesday, August 27 th 2:30-4:00 Thursday, August 28 th 2:30-4:00 Girls’ Volleyball Thursday, August 28 th 2:30-4:00 Friday, August 29 th 2:30-4:00

28 Please proceed to your child’s homeroom to pick up the following: First Day Packets Locker Agreement Technology Use Agreement Pre-order school agenda for $5 (checks only please) Volunteer sign-ups 7 th Grade - Miss Moore: A1Mrs. Brown: A4 8 th Grade – Mr. Prendergast: A5Mrs. Kavon: A6

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