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“Homeless Bird” and Culture in India! Jadyn Afrifa Grade 4 February 20, 2013.

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2 “Homeless Bird” and Culture in India! Jadyn Afrifa Grade 4 February 20, 2013

3 In Homeless Bird, it showed many parts of Indian culture. I said this because Koly’s family paid the Mehta’s family the dowry, and that Koly touched and bowed to Mrs. Mehta’s feet. In some parts of India, this is a respect for the elders. In Chp. 4 to 5 Mr. and Mrs. Mehta believed that the holy sacred river of Varanasi, the Ganges river, could help Hari, but when he got out, his sickness came from bad to worse. From what I have studied, many people in India believed that the Ganges River is sacred, because legend said that the Ganges once flowed through Heaven. In Chp.7 after Hari died, Koly’s Sass bought Koly a white sari because when a woman’s husband dies the widow or widower wears a white cloth. Book Summary of Homeless Bird

4 In addition, in Chp. 8 and 9 Koly found herself in Vrindavan because her Sass brought her here when Koly’s Sassur quietly died. When Sassur died, they cremated him. Koly and Chandra also dropped pebbles, because that will know that the spirit is bad at counting, but will count anyway. Also when Koly’s Sass brought Koly to Vrindavan, Sass disappeared when Koly went to buy some food for her Sass, and herself. Koly did not know that the city of Vrindavan was a widow city Book Summary of Homeless Bird

5 “Homeless Bird” shows numerous cultural ways of Hindu people in India. Claim

6 Before Koly got married to Hari, she and her family, had to pay her bridegroom's family a dowry. Koly’s family sold a brass lamp and 3 brass bangles. This relates to India, because in Hindu families, the bride’s family and the bride, has to pay the bridegroom’s family. This is called a dowry. A dowry is something that the bride pays to her bridegroom. This also happens in many places, around the world. Evidence

7 When Koly went to asked widow’s in the city, and when she asked, the widow’s looked misfortune. Because Koly did not know that Vrindavan, was a widow city. Koly wore a white sari when Hari died. This relates to India, because, when woman’s husband die, their husband’s family drop them at a widow city name Vrindavan. And then they have to stay at the street, or at a shelter for widows. The supervisor, Maa Kamala, helped them get jobs and also helped them get their widow’s pension. Only, Maa Kamala doesn’t get the money to the widows, the woman who supports the widow’s shelter, Mrs. Devi, who supports them, and come to check on them every month. Evidence

8 In “Homeless Bird” chp. 2 to 3 Koly’s wedding with Hari showed a lot of culture. The priest said some words and announced husband and wife, and they have cultural foods. This relates to the India because, in some parts, for some celebrations, they do cultural foods, like boiled duck’s egg, crispy fried pooris, dal, rice, curries, chapattis, mango, and chutney. Evidence

9 In Hindu cultures, the women do their responsibilities in the house, and outside the house, everyday. Sass treated Koly like she was the household servant. Sass makes Chandra do easy and little tasks, but letting Koly do hard and massive jobs. When Koly washed the clothes too hard, Sass scolded her. But, Chandra always found an excuse when Koly got scolded from Sass. Evidence

10 When Hari died, they cremated him. So that they can send his spirits free. They helped Hari, so that he could bathe in the Ganges river. In India, they call the Ganges, Maa Ganges. This relates, because in India, when someone’s sick they bathe in the Ganges River. When the person dies, in Hindu families, they cremate them. Evidence

11 When Sass left to go outside to talk with her neighbors, Koly goes to her Sassur because she wants to learn to write and read. When Sass left Koly in Vrindavan, Koly could read the signs as soon as Raji picked her up, and dropped her at Maa Kamala. Also when it’s the evenings, Koly read to Raji, and helped him to read and write. Koly can now have her widows pension, because, she has a roof under her head, and a address, on the form. This relates to India, because a few students are lucky to have education, but some are not. This is really serious in India. Evidence

12 My conclusion is that “ Homeless Bird “ is something that is tied up with sadness, love, gratefulness, bravery, and happiness. This is a story that shows that you must be courageous, pleased, appreciative, with your lifetime and forthcoming. Conclusion

13 My reflection is that the story “Homeless Bird” taught me that you have to be careful in life and that you sometimes, have to stand up for your self. Also if you’re a Hindu girl, you must learn to love your bridegroom and his family. If a girl’s husband dies, she becomes a widow, and sometimes if you are a widow, your life can sometimes be depressing and frustrated. Reflection

14  These are the Sources that helped me get information and pictures for this project:    images/thankful.html#comp.asp?recid=62147676&xtra= images/thankful.html#comp.asp?recid=62147676&xtra  images/thankful.html#comp.asp?recid=1490361&xtra= images/thankful.html#comp.asp?recid=1490361&xtra  -wedding-photos-traveler/#/indian-wedding-child- napping_23179_600x450.jpg -wedding-photos-traveler/#/indian-wedding-child- napping_23179_600x450.jpg  -wedding-photos-traveler/#/indian-wedding-child- napping_23179_600x450.jpg Sources

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