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Welcome To Open House! 8 Orange TeaM

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1 Welcome To Open House! 8 Orange TeaM 2013-2014
Together We Can Make A Difference! Welcome To Open House! 8 Orange TeaM

2 Meet our Team Mrs. Lowry- Mrs. Bertando- Mr. Conway- Mr. Talbot-
Math Mr. Conway- Writing Mrs. Lowry- Science Mr. Talbot- Social Studies Mr. Cragin- Learning Specialist

3 Keeping in Touch The quickest and most efficient way to communicate with us is through . Our s are listed on the NFMS website: The format for is: (ex. 8th grade phone:

4 Homework Posted daily on the Middle School web page on the 8 Orange Homework site Homework will be practice of a skill learned in class or extension of concepts covered in class Students should spend a daily maximum of min. doing HW during school (PLC) and at home. Contact us if consistently otherwise.

5 Academic Communication
Check your child’s grades on Infinite Campus (IC) regularly. Download the IC App to your electronic device for continuous updates. Use itunes, google play or to download Look for s from us via IC Messenger Mark your calendar for Parent/Teacher Conferences: Nov. 12th(AM), 13th (PM), 14th (EVE), &15th (AM). Appointments will be made a few weeks prior.

6 Costs for 8th grade Field Trips:
Connecticut Science Center-Potential Field Trip this fall (approx. $35) Holiday Hill- This is an 8th Grade trip in June (Cheshire, CT). It costs approx. $60.00 per student. (paperwork comes home in Feb./March)

7 Costs For 8th Grade YEARBOOK
Yearbook is mostly made by 8th grade students so it has a lot about their year. A pre-sale usually starts in October and then again in February. The last sale is in June. Cost is anywhere from $26-30. It is cheapest during the 1st sale and most expensive in June. Yearbook Parent Ads will be for sale as well (winter)

8 Costs for 8th Grade 8th Grade Semi-formal Dance--June
Tickets generally cost around $20 Gowns for the Graduation Ceremony--June These can be purchased from the school (information will come home with students in Feb.) or borrow one from a brother/sister or previous student. The gowns cost approx. $16. Grand TOTAL of costs for 8th grade is about $155

9 New Schedule Terminology
Language Arts: Combined Reading and Writing Class Core 21- The class combines core subject curriculum through Project Based Learning and 21st Century skills.  EXCEL (XL):  A 40-minute intervention and extension period of a class the child already has. The aim with EXCEL period is to give extra support to students or to provide additional, advanced instruction. Personal Learning Community (PLC): Students with the assistance of teachers schedule this time to address their personal learning needs. It is a structured, individualized time where all students have access to: grade level, core teachers special education services band lessons and grade level band practices enrichment activities such as technology workshops research lessons virtual field trips  

10 New Schedule Academic Classes are every other day
8th Grade Day-all blocks are 75 min except Excel and lunch Block 1-World Language, Phys. Ed. Or a rotating Encore class Block 2-Academics (2A/C and 2B/D) Block 3-Excel (XL) Rotation of all classes 1 every 8 days Block 4-Core 21 or PLC Lunch Block 6-Academic Class (6A/C and 6B/D)

11 Integrated Science Curriculum
Kate Lowry: Physical Science— Forces and Motion. Topics include speed, acceleration, net force, Newton’s laws. Life Science—Heredity: how traits are passed through generations. Topics include chromosomes, DNA, dominant and recessive genes, mitosis, meiosis. Earth Science—Earth in the Solar System. Topics include tides, seasons, moon phases eclipses. Please plan to volunteer to help construct and launch model rockets in June!

12 Core 21-Science Project Based Learning
Topic: Human Impacts on the Environment Research News Articles about an environmental issue (individual) Research and present a multi-media project to class about an environmental issue with a group Research, plan and present a “green solution” for the local community or schools with a group

13 Language Arts Keith Conway-
Our curriculum will center around the Common Core State Standards The following skills will be taught in 3 new common core units centered around the theme of social injustice: Grammar Vocabulary Reading Narrative, Expository, and Persuasive Writing Listening and Speaking

14 Core 21: Language Arts Project Based Learning
Students will read a classic novel and do a multimedia marketing presentation with a group Write and present an individual persuasive speech

15 Social Studies Brendan Talbot:
U.S. History from colonization to Civil War (part 1 of 2). There are 4 units: Colonization, Revolution, Sectionalism & Westward Expansion and Civil War. Reconstruction to WWII is the 10th / 11th grade curriculum (part 2 of 2).

16 Core 21-Social Studies Project Based Learning
Principles of the Constitution and civics Students will create a multi-media project with a group

17 8th Grade Math Deanna Bertando:
Curriculum is based on the Common Core Standards Some examples of units: Unit 1: Expressions and Equations Unit 2: Linear Relationships Unit 3: Functions and Systems of Equations Unit 4: Geometry Unit 5: Statistics and Probability

18 Algebra 1 Deanna Bertando:
Curriculum is based on Common Core High School criteria Some of the topics to be covered: Patterns Equations and Inequalities Linear Equations and Functions Linear Systems Quadratic Functions and Factoring Scatter Plots and Trend Lines Intro. to Exponential Functions

19 Core 21-Math Project Based Learning
Students will research educational paths after high school. Will decide a career, salary and create annual budget based on those decisions. Students will choose to work either in a group or individually. Present multi-media project

20 Learning Specialist Brian Cragin:
Co-teach some math sections Support in some science sections Available for extra help and enrichment beginning at 7:15 AM Room 105

21 Extra Help Math/Bertando: M,T,W,F after school until 4pm
Language Arts/Conway: By appt. starting at 7:30 AM Science/Lowry: Thursday AM or by appt--both 7:30AM Social Studies/Talbot: M,T, W. after school until 3:30 Learning Specialist/Cragin: mornings starting at 7:15AM

22 Volunteers If you plan to volunteer with us this year please pick up a form upon leaving. Fingerprinting appointment at Police Station is required. Only applies to situations in which volunteers will be with groups of children without staff present.

23 Parent Assignment In a 1,000,000 words or less…
Tell the orange team what you think we should know about your child/loved one. You know your child best! This will help us to better understand your child/loved one and the unique and special people they are. Please hand in to homeroom teacher or to Mrs. Lowry at By September 30th, or as soon as you can. THANK YOU!!

24 Closing We look forward to working with your child and you this year.
Please take a pamphlet home with you. We hope that you find it a useful reference. Next: Spend last minutes of Open House in the 8th grade wing exploring our classrooms Social Studies-room 109 Science-room 102 Language Arts-room 111 Math-room-101 Mr. Cragin-105 STAY IN TOUCH!

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