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Physics in Baseball MK Honors Physics.

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1 Physics in Baseball MK Honors Physics

2 A Lesson on Baseball evolved around the Industrial Revolution.
Alexander Cartwright created official rules/baseball field design. Game is played with: Pitcher (pitch the ball) Batter (bat the ball and run the bases) Umpire (catches strike balls)

3 Physics in Baseball Physics change the way baseball is played.
Rules apply based on Physics laws such as force, energy, and work. Physics concepts in baseball Inertia Projectile Motion Force Work Energy

4 Inertia “An object at rest tends to stay at rest and an object in motion tends to stay in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.” Bat hits the ball and cause it to stop. Ball stops after the outside force (The bat) stops it.

5 Projectile Motion Gravity pulls on an object being thrown in the air at a certain direction. Force cause the acceleration and acceleration causes the ball to move upwards. When acceleration reach the same speed of gravity, it descends. Vectors are used to measure projectiles.

6 Force The bigger the force, the more chance of a homerun.
Force is measured in Newtons (N) Equation: F=(mass)(acceleration) Steroids, muscle mass, and bat’s mass all affects the force applied to the ball. Ball Thrown at 50m/s2 360kg Bat Vs. 200kg Bat 18,000N = (360)(50) 10,000 = (200)(50)

7 The Physics of Baseball: Hitting www. youtube
The Physics of Baseball: Hitting 07/20/08

8 Work Requires a force and distance. Measured in Joules (J).
All players are doing work at some point. The Pitcher can alter his work to affect how the ball is thrown for good or worse.

9 Energy Energy is the amount of mass multiplied by the height and gravity. PE = (mass)(gravity)(height) A cork bat transfer less energy. All bats have “sweet spots.” PE=(mass)(gravity)(height) Height = 100m Gravity – 10 m/s Corked Bat – 150kg (150kg)(10m/s)(100m) = 150,000 J VS. Solid Bat – 300kg (300kg)(10m/s)(100m) = 300,000J

10 Closure and Credits There are so many physics laws that have changed the way we have viewed and played baseball. Works Cited Bellis, Mary. “History of Baseball: Alexander Cartwright.” About Feb <‌library/‌inventors/‌blbaseball.htm>. Henderson, Tom. “Lesson 1: Newton’s First Law of Motion.” Glenbrook Feb <‌gbssci/‌phys/‌Class/‌newtlaws/‌u2l1a.html>. “THE PHYSICS OF BASEBALL.” Boston Baseball Feb <‌whitesox/‌baseball_extras/‌physics.html>. “Physics of Baseball.” School of Physics The University of Sydney. 4 Feb <‌~cross/‌baseball.html>. “The Physics of Baseball.” Steves Baseball Umpire Resources Feb <‌HR_physics.htm>.

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