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By Shannon Remy and Tara Feehan

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1 By Shannon Remy and Tara Feehan
Affects of Alcohol And Marijuana On the Skeletal System By Shannon Remy and Tara Feehan

2 The Affects of Marijuana
on the Skeletal System

3 How does marijuana affect the skeletal system?
Spina bifida is a spinal defect that forms while a fetus is inside its mother. The spinal cord doesn’t form properly and the skin can’t grow around it. If the mother smokes marijuana during her pregnancy, it can cause this birth defect. Spina bifida

4 How does marijuana affect the skeletal system?
Marijuana use impairs the ability of T-cells which help destroy other cells infected with disease. This can lead to the contraction of diseases such as Polio. Polio is a disease which affects the spinal cord and can cause paralysis. Fortunately, most people are vaccinated for Polio when they are babies. Polio Virus

5 How does marijuana affect the skeletal system?
Just like smoking cigarettes, marijuana has the potential to turn a person’s teeth yellow.

6 How does marijuana affect the skeletal system?
Smoking marijuana can also cause periodontal disease, a bacterial inflammation in the gum tissue causing the connective tissue to weaken, and as a result, tooth loss.

7 The Affects of Alcohol On the Skeletal System

8 What Alcohol can do to your Bones
People who drink alcohol lose gait and balance; this can lead to falling and bone breakage Alcohol pulls Calcium out of the bones Alcoholics also may suffer from a generalized decrease in bone mass, making their bones more fragile.

9 What Alcohol can do to your Skeletal System
Heavy drinking may lead to Osteoporosis- characterized by severe back pain, spinal deformity, and increased risk of wrist and hip fractures

10 What Alcohol can do to an Adolescence’s Growth
The skeletal consequences of alcohol intake may be especially harmful during adolescence, when the rapid skeletal growth ultimately responsible for achieving peak bone mass occurs. By limiting peak bone mass attainment, the risk of developing osteoporosis later in life may increase.

11 Alcohol and Birth Defects
Alcohol can cause skeletal birth defects if a mother drinks while she is pregnant. This is called ARBD (Alcohol related birth defects)

12 Which is worse? Although marijuana can cause serious dental problems and birth defects, alcohol has worse effects on the skeletal system. Alcohol can cause long term health problems such as… Osteoporosis and birth defects. Adolescents who drink alcohol lose calcium in their bones. This can lead to fragile bones in older age causing long term problems that will haunt these individuals for the rest of their lives.

13 Stay above the influence Don't do marijuana or alcohol

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