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UNIT X JEOPARDY Mr. H. Mayo American History Mount Airy High School.

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1 UNIT X JEOPARDY Mr. H. Mayo American History Mount Airy High School

2 PeopleWarsForeignPolicyImperialismOddsandEnds Latin America Hodge- podge 100 200 300 400 500 FINAL JEOPARDY

3 Who was the most famous military hero of the Spanish-American War in Puerto Rico ? 100

4 Theodore Roosevelt People

5 Who led the U.S. Navy at the battle of Manila Bay? 200

6 Admiral George Dewey People

7 Who led American troops into Mexico in 1914 in an attempt to capture the Mexican bandit Pancho Villa? 300

8 General John J. Pershing People

9 Who said, “The world must be made safe for democracy.” ? 400

10 Woodrow Wilson People

11 Which president refused to annex Hawaii because American businessmen led a revolution against the Hawaiian government? 500

12 President Grover Cleveland People

13 Where was the first major battle of the Spanish-American War fought? 100

14 Manila Bay, the Philippines Spanish-American War

15 Name the three causes of World War I? 200

16 Alliances, Militarism, Nationalism, and Imperialism War Wars

17 Name Three Central Powers 300

18 Germany, Austria- Hungary, Turkey(ottoman Empire) Wars

19 Name 3 territories acquired by the U.S. through the Spanish- American War. 400

20 Guam, the Philippines, Puerto Rico Spanish-American War

21 What waterway was created as a result of the Spanish-American War? 500

22 Panama Canal Spanish-American War

23 What policy did imperialism replace in the late 1800 ’ s? 100

24 Isolation Foreign Policy

25 What American Policy prevented China from being divided into spheres of influence? 200

26 Open Door Policy Foreign Policy

27 What policy was used by Theodore Roosevelt to enforce Roosevelt Corollary? 300

28 “ Walk softly, but carry a big stick ” Foreign Policy

29 What United States policy, announced in 1904, justified United States intervention in the affairs of Latin American Nations? 400

30 The Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine BONUS

31 Bonus: What did Wilson ’ s Policy of “ missionary diplomacy ” pressure nations in the Western Hemisphere into doing?

32 Establishing democratic governments Foreign Policy

33 What name was given to President Taft ’ s policy that justified intervention in Latin America? 500

34 Dollar Diplomacy Foreign Policy

35 Why did the U.S. develop a policy of imperialism? 100

36 Need for overseas markets Imperialism

37 What policy was dropped when the U.S. turned to imperialism? 200

38 Isolation Imperialism

39 What was the goal of the Kellogg-Briand Pact? ? 300

40 To prevent War or offensive military activity Imperialism

41 What is the best explanation for U.S. military growth and imperialism in the late 1800 ’ s? 400

42 Protect American investments overseas Imperialism

43 What were two trends that fueled the American Imperialism? 500

44 Belief in Anglo-Saxon “ superiority, ” and American ’ s did not want to fall behind European countries in the race for colonies Imperialism BONUS

45 Bonus: This Attorney General lead an attack on suspected anarchists and Communists in 1919 ?

46 A. Mitchell Palmer Imperialism

47 What impact did the Spanish-American War have on U.S. relations with other nations? 100

48 The United States became an international force Odds and Ends

49 What was the result of Admiral Mahan ’ s argument for a stronger two-ocean navy? 200

50 The Panama Canal was built Odds and Ends

51 What military strategy did both sides in fighting use on the Western Front? 300

52 Trench Warfare Odds and Ends

53 Why would the Treaty of Versailles be considered the cause of World War II? 400

54 Germany was forced to pay reparations Odds and Ends

55 What event was the first test to President Wilson ’ s “ missionary diplomacy ” ? 500

56 Mexican Revolution in 1911 Odds and Ends BONUS

57 Bonus: What did the Anti- Imperialist league that was founded in Boston in 1898 believe in? ?

58 American Colonization was unjust. Odds and Ends

59 What events contributed to the U.S. declaration of war against Spain in 1898? 100

60 DeLomme Letter, Sinking of the Maine Latin America

61 What did the Platt Amendment accomplish? 200

62 The US had rights of control in Cuba Latin America

63 What is the association between the United States and Puerto Rico? 300

64 Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States Latin America

65 What was President Woodrow Wilson ’ s policy “ to deny recognition to any Latin American government if viewed as oppressive, undemocratic, or hostile to the United States interest ” called? 400

66 Missionary Diplomacy Latin America

67 How did the building of the Panama Canal support United States efforts to become a world power? 500

68 By providing a shortcut between the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean, it opened up new trading opportunities Latin America

69 What country was involved in the Open Door policy? 100

70 China Hodgepodge

71 What law was the subject of the case Schenck v. United States? ? 200

72 Espionage and Sedition Act Hodgepodge

73 What British strategy created famine and starvation in Germany? ? 300

74 Blockade Hodgepodge

75 What new weapon was used almost exclusively by the German navy? 400

76 Submarines Hodgepodge

77 What was the major influence in turning U.S. public opinion against Spain in 1898? 500

78 Yellow Journalism, or yellow press Hodgepodge

79 FINAL JEOPARDY: World War I answer

80 FINAL JEOPARDY: What event is associated with the beginning of World War I? ? answer

81 Assassination of Franz Ferdinand The End

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