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Alcohol and Marijuana on the Central Nervous System

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1 Alcohol and Marijuana on the Central Nervous System
By: Melissa and Andrew

2 Alcohol and the Central Nervous System
Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant. Alcohol contracts brain tissue and depresses the central nervous system. When alcohol reaches the brain, it interferes with communication between nerve cells, by interacting with the receptors on some cells.

3 What is alcohol? Alcohol gets into the bloodstream very easily and also crosses the blood brain barrier (which prevents materials from the blood from entering the brain.) There are many neurochemical effects of alcohol which alter the hormone levels. Alcohol affects the nervous system by slowing down the signals between the spinal chord, nerve system and the brain. The alcohol is absorbed by the blood which slows down the nerve tissues which may lead to numbness.

4 SHORT TERM effects on the central nervous system
slurred speech, blurred vision, and poor muscle coordination. It is often seen that after drinking too much a person becomes clumsy and unable to walk steadily Alcohol (a depressant) slows the nervous system down which is responsible for the decision making. bodily functions will slow down because the alcohol delays the messages you are sending to your brain relating to motions you want your body to make.

5 LONG TERM effects of alcohol on the central nervous system
tolerance, dependency, and irreversible damage to the liver and other organs. The cells become weaker to alcohol. These unhealthy cells weaken the nervous system a lot. Also, the high tolerance level of a person to the alcohol, makes him more prone to various kinds of infections. Severe consequences like - heart attacks, brain strokes and dementia may also appear. Alcohol can damage both the frontal lobes, it also reduces the brain weight and the brain size. The frontal lobes control major functions, reasoning and memory.

6 The Central Nervous System
The central nervous system includes the Brain and the Spinal Cord. The Brain contains 100 billion nerve cells called neurons and trillions of “support cells” called gila.

7 Marijuana and the Central Nervous System
Marijuana attaches to neurons and interferes with communication in the brain. Experiments have shown that Marijuana can affect two neurotransmitters: norepinephrine and dopamine. Serotonin and GABA levels may also be altered. Serotonin and GABA regulate brain activity.

8 THC The chemical in marijuana that has the biggest impact on the brain is tetrahydrocannibol or THC. THC attacks certain receptors that control memory, thought, concentration, time and depth perception, and coordinated movement. THC also affects re-uptake of Marijuana.

9 Short Term Effects Marijuana changes the way our brain processes information. Which is why short term memory is often effected first. Marijuana interferes with the receiving of sensory messages such as touch, sight, hearing, taste, and smell. Affects the limbic system which controls emotions.

10 Long Term Effects Testing on rats show that marijuana use can lead to permanent memory impairment

11 Which One is Worse? Alcohol has a greater effect on the central nervous system than marijuana because while the short term effects of the two drugs are very similar, dizziness, memory loss, and interference with brain signals, the long term effect of Alcohol are much worse including stroke and permanent brain damage.

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