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ACS ACS 2B Room 34 2008-2009. About Myself I have a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and a Teaching Diploma from AUB. I graduated in 1989. I have been teaching.

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1 ACS ACS 2B Room 34 2008-2009

2 About Myself I have a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and a Teaching Diploma from AUB. I graduated in 1989. I have been teaching for 19 years (14 years in pre-K, 2 years in grade 1, 2 years in grade 2, 1 year in grade 3) at ACS. This is my 3 rd year in 2 nd grade. My interests and hobbies (other than teaching) are reading and sports. My Family

3 My Guinea Pigs

4 My Philosophy I believe ALL children come to school with valuable experiences unique to themselves.

5 Character Education  September – Building Community; Clarifying Expectations; Listening first  October - Keep Commitments; Get Better (Goals)  November – Get Results  December - Demonstrate Respect; Kindness; Empathy  January – Demonstrate Respect; Tolerance; Confront Reality; (Bullying)  February – Demonstrate Respect; Fairness and Justice; Right/Wrongs  March - Talk Straight; Honesty; Create Transparency  April - Show Loyalty  May/June – Reflect (Trust, Respect, Responsibility)

6 What will your 2nd grader learn?

7 Your child will be exposed to a variety of language concepts including: Word Study (spelling patterns, suffixes/prefixes …) Parts of Speech (noun, verb, adjective…) Sentence Structure (construct simple and compound sentences/correct word order) Punctuation and Capitalization Grammar (subject-verb agreement, verb tense, regular/irregular verbs etc.) Language Arts

8 We will be using the Words Their Way spelling program this school year. This unique approach to teaching spelling engages students in: Word studies that emphasize patterns, phonics and general spelling rules. Spelling

9 Reading In our Reader’s Workshop, your child will explore a variety of genres this year. We will focus on: Story Elements and Comprehension Questioning and Analysis Fluency Vocabulary Clarification Retellings *Take Note: Ongoing reading assessments will take place throughout the year to check for growth in this area.

10 2 nd Grade writing instruction focuses on: The Writing Process Pre-writing, Drafting, Editing, Revising, Conferencing, Publishing 6 +1Traits Writing Model Ideas, Organization, Voice, Conventions, Sentence Fluency, Word Choice + Presentation Writing Instruction

11 2 nd Grade Writing Curriculum Calendar  September  October  November  December  January  February  March  April  May  June ….. Personal Narrative Writing ….. Personal Narrative Wri ting ….. Idea-Based Writing Writing Fairy Tales Realistic Fiction Expository Writing: Personal expertise ….. Persuasive Writing Poetry Expository Writing: Content area-science Revision and Assessment

12 Handwriting We will continue to practice the D’nealian manuscript form of handwriting. Your child will be expected to write various assignments in D’nealian style throughout the year. We have a handwriting copybook in 2 rn Grade for class practice. *Take Note: Practice pages can be downloaded and printed at

13 Math The purpose of the math program in grade two is to build the high levels of mathematical skills, process thinking, and problem solving.

14 This will be accomplished through the following math concepts:  Place Value up to 1,000  Graphing  Time  Arithmetic: Addition, subtraction, problem solving, and introduction to multiplication and division.  Measurement  Geometry  Fractions

15 Science Our science curriculum is an inquiry- based program. Areas of study include: Healthy Bodies Air and Weather Coral Reefs/Tropical Rainforest Solids and Liquids Reading and understanding non-fiction texts

16 Social Studies The focus of Social Studies in 2 nd Grade includes the following units of study: Our Neighborhood Map Skills Good Citizenship (Character Education) Cultural Elements of a Multi-Cultural Country Character Education

17 Homework Spelling Spelling Ring Activity using Word Wall Words Word Wall Words will be tested on each Friday Reading 20 minutes of reading each night Independent or shared reading Math Expect to see Mondays and Wednesdays with the exception of test days-Math reinforcement sheets S.S./SC. Occasionally-Assignments/review/projects might be sent home Homework in second grade is primarily about developing responsibility in our children. ( 30 minutes - including Arabic)

18 Test Signatures All major tests will be sent home with the understanding that your child will share with you the progress he/she is making at school. Please discuss each test with your child. Sign each test and return it to school. This practice will ensure me that you are aware of your child’s growth and progress here at school.

19 Late Work Each student will be held accountable for completing assigned work. Unfinished work will be made up during recess or another pre-arranged time.

20 Classroom Expectations Students are expected to be respectful and responsible, do their personal best and be prepared! We have discussed that we all have the right to: Be happy and have fun! Make mistakes Learn Have an opinion Be Safe Ask Questions Possible Consequences *Verbal Reminder from Teacher *Ten minutes from recess (Teacher/Student Conference) *Whole recess (Teacher/Student Conference) *Phone call, email, or letter sent home *Student/Principal Conference

21 Absences Research indicates that students are the most successful when they attend school regularly. Of course I do understand that, students become ill from time to time. If your child is absent, notify the office. I will gather your child’s make-up assignments. Upon returning to school, your child will have two days for every day that he/she was absent to complete the work.( Unless it gets picked up from school to be completed at home)

22 Book Orders Book orders are a wonderful way to build your child’s home library. Our first order from Scholastic will be sent out next week. If you choose to order, please send cash. Please do not send a check. Book orders will be sent home approximately three times a year.

23 Celebrating Birthdays Your child will be recognized on his/her birthday and is more than welcome to bring in treats. If your child was a summer baby, we would love to celebrate his/her half-birthday in June. Please notify me prior to your child’s birthday so that we can make arrangements. I ask that the treats be something that is quick and easy for the students to eat. Please do not send items that require cutting. We currently have 21 students in our class. Please send enough for everyone.

24 Snacks Please send only healthy snacks that are quick and easy to eat for first snack. (10 min.) Suggestions: *Fresh fruit * Packaged crackers * Pretzels * Granola Bars One type of sweet is permitted after lunch.

25 Classroom Guests I always welcome parent experts into our classroom. As you review the curriculum, you may find that you have some knowledge in a particular area. I would LOVE for you to come and share your knowledge with the class. You may contact me to make the appropriate arrangements. Email is always a quick and easy way to make such arrangements.

26 Transportation Notes It is very important to call the school or send a note when your child’s transportation routine changes for any reason. In addition, please send a note if someone different will be picking your child up from school. If the school is not notified, your child will be sent home in the regular manner.

27 Communication It is extremely important to keep the lines of communication open between home and school. I will make every effort to keep you informed of your child’s progress here at school. I hope you will also feel comfortable contacting me with any concerns or questions. I can be reached by email ( and phone (Elementary office). Email is probably the quickest way to reach me.

28 I especially want to thank each one of you for entrusting with me your WONDERFUL and precious child! I truly love what I do and am looking forward to a fabulous year!

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