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Plant Structure and Growth

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1 Plant Structure and Growth
5th Grade Investigation 2 “Vascular Plants” Video Notes

2 Question 1 What do all plants have in common?

3 Question 1 Answer All plants are multicelled, have rigid cell walls, usually contain chlorophyll, have tissues and organs.

4 Question 2 What are the two types of vascular plant tissue that make up the vascular bundle?

5 Question 2 Answer The two types of vascular plant tissue that make up the vascular bundle are xylem and phloem.

6 Question 3 Compare the roles of xylem and phloem.

7 Question 3 Answer Xylem transports water and nutrients from the roots up to the other parts of the plant. Phloem transports sugar from the leaves to all of the other parts of the plant.

8 Question 4 How are the trunk of a tree and a stem of a flowering plant the same?

9 Question 4 Answer The trunk of the tree and a stem of a flowering plant are both made up of vascular bundles that transport water, nutrients, and sugar to different parts of the plant.

10 Question 5 How do the rings in a tree trunk form?

11 Question 5 Answer As the tree grows, it produces new vascular tissue. The oldest tissue is in the center of the stem, and the newest living tissue is in the outer part of the trunk.

12 Question 6 When you look at a cross section of a tree trunk, why are some trunk rings narrow and others wide? What does that tell you about the tree?

13 Question 6 Answer Wide rings of a tree trunk are laid down during very wet years when the tree produces lots of xylem cells to transport the water from the roots to the rest of the plant and then transpire through the stomata. During a dry year, the tree doesn’t grow many xylem cells, so the ring is narrow.

14 Question 7 How is the vascular system of plants like the circulatory system of humans?

15 Question 7 Answer Vascular Plants Human
Both plants and people have specialized structures for transport nutrients to cells. One-way transportation system for water & minerals (up) and a second one-way system for sugar (down.) Have a Circulatory System with blood that goes around the human body. Plants have a xylem and a phloem. Arteries, capillaries, and veins for transportation of nutrients

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