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Russian Revolution Jeopardy Katie Bowman AP Modern European History.

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1 Russian Revolution Jeopardy Katie Bowman AP Modern European History

2 VocabularyLeadersPeopleCommunism Pre- Revolution Events Age of Mass Politics 100 200 300 400 500 Final Jeopardy

3 The term Lenin applied to his faction of the Russian Social Democratic Party meaning the majority. 100

4 Bolsheviks Vocab

5 Those Russians who opposed the Bolsheviks in the Russian Civil War of 1918 through 1921. 200

6 White Russians Vocab

7 A new secret police called ___________ appeared during the Civil War in Russia. 300

8 Cheka Vocab

9 Most Russians lived in these communes which were highly regulated with payments to the state for land lost to nobles. 400

10 Mirs Vocab

11 Liberal upper class opponents of the autocratic Russian system of government supported popular grievances among Russian society. 500

12 Decembrists BONUS Vocab.

13 Local governments set up in the Russian Empire in 1864 by Alexander II’s decree.

14 Zemstvos Vocab.

15 A Communist Russian Revolutionary who lead the October Revolution. 100

16 V. I. Lenin Leaders

17 Launched rapid industrialization and economic collectivization. 200

18 Joseph Stalin Leaders

19 A Bolshevik revolutionary and Marxist theorist who led and commanded the Red Army. 300

20 Leon Trotsky BONUS Leaders

21 Became Europe’s most reactionary monarch who sought to prevent western ideas from penetrating Russia.

22 Nicholas I Leaders

23 Perhaps the greatest reform-minded tzar since Peter the Great. 400

24 Alexander II Leaders

25 Sought to rule Russia through “Autocracy, Orthodoxy, Russification (Nationalism).” 500

26 Alexander III Leaders

27 100 Anarchists, lead by _________________, believed the state should be destroyed all together.

28 Mikhail Bakunin People

29 Oversaw the Russian industrialization in the 1890’s. 200

30 Count S.Y. Witte People

31 Influenced the tzarina by easing the pains of her hemophiliac son. 300

32 Rasputin People

33 Became the leader of the Provisional Government while remaining a member of the Soviet. 400

34 Alexander Kerensky People

35 500 The new prime minister who pushed through important agrarian reforms to break down collective village ownership of land and encourage the kulaks.

36 Peter Stolypin BONUS People

37 Wanted to extend the “genius of Russian culture” by industrializing and setting up a constitutional government.

38 Westernizers People

39 This event ultimately resulted in a communist dictatorship leading to the rise of Lenin. 100

40 The October Revolution Communism

41 The plot to overthrow the Provisional government by conservatives that eventually failed. 200

42 Kornilov Affair Communism

43 During the new elections for the Constituent Assembly, Lenin’s campaign was “_______________.” 300

44 “Peace, Land, Bread.” Communism

45 The treaty signed between Russia and Germany that took Russia out of World War I. 400

46 Treaty of Brest-Litovsk Communism

47 ___________ formed to organize the revolution. This included Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin. 500

48 Politburo BONUS Communism

49 “_____________” was the earliest form of socialism and resulted in a huge decline in production.

50 “War Communism” Communism

51 Tzar Alexander I proposed the __________ after the Congress of Vienna to stop the growth of liberalism. 100

52 The Holy Alliance Pre-Revolution

53 The first upper class revolt against Russia’s autocratic system of government. 200

54 The Decembrist Uprising of 1825 Pre-Revolution

55 The principles of __________, _________ and __________ became the foundation of the state under Nicholas I. 300

56 Autocracy, Orthodoxy, and Nationality Pre-Revolution

57 Tzar Alexander I saw the ______________ as an instrument in keeping his subjects under control. 400

58 Russian Orthodox Church Pre-Revolution

59 ___________ believed that the culture of the Russian village was superior to that of the West. 500

60 Slavophiles BONUS Pre-Revolution

61 True or False: Nicholas I believed in “divine rights.”

62 True Pre-Revolution

63 The Russians had established a sphere of influence in Manchuria and sought Korea which resulted in the _________. 100

64 Russo-Japanese War Events

65 On this day 200,000 workers and peasants marked peacefully to the “Winter Palace” asking the Tzar for reforms and the army fired on marchers in cold blood. 200

66 “Bloody Sunday” Events

67 A revolution started by massive strikes in January and February in St. Petersburg, largely caused by food shortages. 300

68 The February Revolution of 1917 BONUS Events

69 This was created in 1922 as a result of the Russian Civil War.

70 Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) Events

71 The Revolution of 1905 was initially sparked by the ________________. 400

72 growth of liberalism Events

73 A ________________ was declared by the Duma in response to the abdication of Tzar Nicholas II. 500

74 Provisional Government Events

75 ________________ marked a turning point in history by fostering modernization. 100

76 Defeat in the Crimean War Age of Mass Politics

77 What percent of Russian people worked in agriculture under Alexander II? 200

78 90% Age of Mass Politics

79 The __________ of 1861 abolished serfdom and land was given to the serfs via the _______. 300

80 Emancipation Act; mirs Age of Mass Politics

81 By 1900, Russia exported ______ percent of the world’s refined petroleum. 400

82 Age of Mass Politics 50

83 A __________, __________ and ___________ paralyzed Russia by October and Nicholas was forced to make concessions. 500

84 General strike; peasant revolts; troop mutinies BONUS Age of Mass Politics

85 The ___________ of 1905 created the Duma.

86 October Manifesto Final Jeopardy

87 What were the costs of the Russian Revolution?

88 Final Jeopardy 15 million people dead, ruined economy, international trade ended, and millions of workers fled the country.

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