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Sponsorship Sports Marketing Mrs. Wilson.

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1 Sponsorship Sports Marketing Mrs. Wilson

2 Q.O.D. 10/16/13 The consumer (the sports or event fan)
What’s most important or beneficial to someone running an event? The consumer (the sports or event fan) The event itself The sponsor of the event

3 $$$$$$$ $$$$$$$ Event Triangle

4 Sports Sponsorship Defined:
Investment in a sports entity or property to achieve organizational goals Examples--> Bank of KY Center & Staples Center Signature Sponsor

5 Sponsorship Leveraging
Leveraging: getting as much as possible from a sponsorship agreement

6 2000 Olympic Summer Games, Sydney Australia
Visa Leveraging 2000 Olympic Summer Games, Sydney Australia


8 Drawbacks to Sponsorship
Becoming common expensive ($4M for 30 sec on Super Bowl) clutter negative publicity- what if they break the law? Think of an example...

9 Sponsorship Process Sponsorship Goals Sponsorship Budget
Sponsorship Acquisition Implementing & Evaluation

10 Sponsorship- Goals of Sponsorship
Direct or Indirect Tangible or Intangible easily measured or not able to measure?

11 Goal Examples Direct Increase sales ( can be measured) Indirect
increase awareness be competitive reach the target market build customer relationships develop our image

12 Sponsorship Exclusivity
Exclusivity in Sponsorship is in “Categories” Example: Fast Food, Non-alcoholic beverages, banking Events want narrow categories for exclusivity Sponsorship Exclusivity Sponsors want broad categories for exclusivity

13 Sponsorship Budgeting
Funding the Sponsorship & Promotions Funding by same means as in Promotion Competitive parity arbitrary allocations percentage of sales objective & task Fund for the primary sponsorship Pepsi: Major League Baseball $80,000,000 over 5 years

14 Sponsorship Budgeting
Fund the Co-Promotions Frito-Lay Promotions & bags Pepsi Lipton Tea & MLB Homerun Derby Subway Signage & Promotion of MLB All-Star Balloting “Catch the Season” Pepsi Product Promotions NASCAR & Britney Spears Ticket Prize Packages Cracker Jack Snack Sales & Trading Cards

15 Sponsorship Acquisition
Determine Scope global, international, national regional, local Determine Athletic Platform the team, the event, or athlete Select by: budget & feasibility of platform geographic scope of the sponsorship sponsorship objectives

16 Sponsorship Opportunity: ASPEN SCHOOL OF MUSIC BENEFIT

17 Running & Evaluating the Sponsorship
Defined:Pre & Post Event Measurements. How did we do?

18 Why Sponsors Fail???? No Budget Not Long Term (they do it once)
No measurable objectives too brand-centric too much competition failure to excite the sales chain insufficient staffing buying at the wrong level no local extensions

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