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Welcome to 8th Grade American History Class 2010-2011 Ms. Donna R. Jones.

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1 Welcome to 8th Grade American History Class 2010-2011 Ms. Donna R. Jones

2 Units of Study Please look at syllabus Class Material -(1) 1 ½ inch or 2 inch three ring binder. -(7) dividers labeled by unit. Unit 1 – 7 - I encourage you to keep all course materials and notes securely in your binder. You will be required to bring your binder to class daily.

3 Student Behaviors DO respect others. DO be in your seat working on the daily bellringer when the bell rings. DO bring all required materials to class daily. DO arrive to class on time. The school tardy policy will be fully enforced. DO keep your area neat and clean. DO NOT bring Gum into my classroom. DO NOT think for a second that any bullying, name calling, inappropriate remarks and disrespectful behavior will be tolerated in this classroom, hallway or school. IT WILL NOT!

4 Show Respect Value yourself. Be honest and ethical, and practice strong moral values. Treat all members of the school community and all visitors with politeness and respect. Honor the ideas and opinions of others. Offer to help. Be responsible with property and belongings.

5 Class Procedures You will arrive to class on time with your binder and begin work on your daily bellringer. Weekly Agenda,Daily essential question(s), Learning target(s), Critical vocabulary, date and birthdays will be posted on the whiteboard in its appropriate place. You are expected to stay on task. At the conclusion of class, you will be asked to clean all paper and items off the floor around your seat and wait till I dismiss you from class.

6 Grading Grades are based on the accumulation of points. Points are based on: – Class participation (effort) – Completion of assignments (daily work) – Major projects, exams, and self- reflection Grades are posted online and updated every Sunday. I will not let you fail my class! Our Grading Scale A 90-100% = 4.0 B 80-89% = 3.0 C 72-79% = 2.0 D 66-71% = 1.0 F 65% = 0.0 I Incomplete Grades are calculated on cumulative percentage and are rounded up whenever possible.

7 Home/School Contact  Bi-weekly e-mails  Teacher webpage: WestMiddleSchool/djones/ap2.aspx  4 class newsletters  Period post cards  Phone contact: My cell 502-529-9514 School 502-633-1160

8 Policies I WILL bribe you with treats! DO NOT throw ANY item in this classroom. If you forget, you will be required to meet “sweepie” We will keep this classroom neat and organized.

9 My Pledge to Students You WILL be safe in my classroom. I will trust you until you give me reason to do otherwise. I will respect you and work with you to solve problems. I will promptly correct and offer feedback on your work. I will work with you to meet learning goals. I will offer extra help and alternative assessments should you require them.

10 There are many ways to earn a homework pass. Review games Outstanding work citizenship

11 LaPorsha Jackson Age 20 Junior at the University of Kentucky History major U of L fan


13 Lets have the best year ever!

14 Now, time for your first quiz. 10 points

15 What happens if you are caught throwing things in my classroom?

16 Name at least one thing that you can do to demonstrate respect in my classroom.

17 When you enter the classroom you should get your binder, be seated at your desk doing what?

18 What can you earn for showing good citizenship in my class?

19 Name two types of behavior that will not be tolerated in this classroom.

20 Name two things that I pledged I would do for you?

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