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+ College & Amateur Sports Mrs. Wilson Dayton High School.

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1 + College & Amateur Sports Mrs. Wilson Dayton High School

2 + Q.O.D. 9.9.11 Who is your favorite college team? Why? Did you parents like them? Do you want to go to school there? How much would you be willing to pay for a ticket to a sporting event for that school?

3 + College Athletics University of Michigan- holds over 100,000 people 100,000 x $50 per ticket= $5,000,000 just in ticket sales! What would a typical game cost? Ticket- $50 Parking- $20 Food/Drink- $60/person Travel (gas)- $30

4 + Rules & Rankings NCAA- National College Athletic Association Creates and enforces guidelines and rules that schools must follow in order to remain in good standing. Overall goal= promotion of college athletics Sports magazines determine rankings based on: 1. Past team performance 2. Talent 3. Schedule 4. Personal preference These ranking occur before season begins

5 + Benefits of Being Ranked #1 What are some of the benefits of having a nationally recognized athletic team? More T.V. exposure Sold Out games Increased sales of merchandise Favorable image (what does this mean?)

6 + Q.O.D. 9/12/11 What is the NCAA and what do they do? (what is its purpose?)

7 + Market Segmentation Kind of like a target market… Market Segment- group of individuals within a larger market that share one or more characteristics. Example: Millions of people enjoy college basketball, but a smaller group enjoy the Tennessee Volunteers.

8 + 5 Elements of Market Segmentation 1. Geographic- physical locations: east, north, west, south Kentucky, urban, rural, regions or country 2. Demographic- info that can be measured. Income Profession Gender Education Example: marketers use income to advertise upscale hotels 3. Psychographics- info that cannot be measured. Attitudes Lifestyle choices Example: if a major ballgame falls on a holy day, would many people attend?

9 + Market Segmentation 4. Product Usage- What products you use how often Why Marketers use this info to encourage you to use your preferred products more often or Try new products 5. Benefits Enjoyment from a game wearing/purchasing shirts/items with logo

10 + Market Segmentation What’s the purpose of these five elements? To find a target market… Remember, the job for a marketer is to SELL PRODUCTS & INCREASE AWARENESS.

11 + Q.O.D. 9.13.11 What are the five aspects of Market Segmentation? Explain each.

12 + Economic Impact of College Athletics 1. Good for town business Hotels Restaurants Shopping malls Concession stands Gas stations Souvenir shops 2. Good for stadium business Higher prices for food/drink Hot dogs & peanuts!!!

13 + Sponsorships & Licensing Sponsorships: Nike Adidas Under Armour Example: shoot a basketball during half time and win a free car from a local dealership Scoreboards in stadium

14 + Licensing License:: Legal right to reproduce a team’s logo in exchange for payment. Example:: bumper sticker manufacturer will pay an agreed- upon amount to a college for the right to make and sell stickers with the teams name and logo on them.

15 + Journal Entry Impact of Alcohol Each year, many college students are killed in alcohol related incidents/accidents. On the opposite side, there are many benefits that advertising dollars from beer companies can bring to a school. How do sports (being physically fit) relate to drinking beer? IN your notebooks, write your opinion and back up your opinion with reasoning. Place this in the Journal/Q.O.D. section of your notebook.

16 + Q.O.D. 9.13.10 What’s the difference between a license, sponsorship & an endorsement? Why are corporate sponsors important to college athletics?

17 + Conference Realignment Conference- a group of college athletic teams within the same region. KY TN Florida Vanderbilt Auburn LSU Alabama Georgia

18 + Conferences Why Conferences? They create these conferences in order to have teams of manageable sizes Assign competing teams in an organized and fair way Sometimes they realign in order to create more revenue (make more money!!)

19 + Amateur Sports Amateur Athlete- someone who doesn’t get paid but plays for enjoyment, challenge, or both. Can be any age or in not in the best of health. Examples: soccer leagues, softball, bowling, skiing, skateboarding

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