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HISTORY DISPLAY CARDS WW2 Timeline… We’ll Meet Again: Vera Lynn.

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2 HISTORY DISPLAY CARDS WW2 Timeline… We’ll Meet Again: Vera Lynn

3 End of World War 1, 1918 Germany forced to give up land and was banned from having an army.

4 Adolf Hitler Comes To Power, 1933 The German people vote the leader of the Nazi party as their new leader.

5 Gas Masks, 26 th September 1938 Issued to the people of Britain.

6 Munich Agreement, 29 th September 1938 Signed by Neville Chamberlain and Hitler. There is hope for peace.

7 Germany Invades Czechoslovakia, March 1939

8 World War Two Begins, 3 rd September 1939 Britain and France declare war on Germany.

9 Germany invades Poland, 1 st September 1939

10 Evacuation, 1 st September 1939 Plans made to evacuate children ready for German air attacks.

11 National Registration Act, 7 th September 1939 All households provide information for Identity and Ration Cards.

12 Anderson Shelters, 1939 By September half a million shelters had been installed in British gardens.

13 Dig for Victory, October 1939 Campaign launched.

14 Rationing Begins, 7 th January 1940

15 Winston Churchill, 10 th May 1940 Replaces Neville Chamberlain as British Prime Minister.

16 The Blitz, 7 th September 1940 Nearly 200 Brits killed or injured in London on the first night alone.

17 21 st September 1940 Underground stations used as public air raid shelters.

18 Coventry, November 1940 10 hours 500 enemy aircraft 1000 casualties 4330 homes destroyed

19 Italy, 10 th June 1940 Join forces with Germany and enter the war.

20 Battle of Britain, 10 th July 1940 The Luftwaffe (German air force) attemt to destroy the British RAF (Royal Air Force).

21 Morrison Shelters, March 1941 Introduced for people without gardens.

22 House of Commons, 10 th May 1941 German air raid destroys the House of Commons and the Holborn theatre.

23 National Service Act, 18 th December 1941 Women called up for war work, jobs such as mechanics, engineers and tank drivers.

24 Historic Cities, 28 th September 1942 The Luftwaffe begins bombing Exeter, Bath amongst others.

25 ‘V’ for Victory, 28 th September 1941 BBC launches campaign.

26 Clothes Rationed, 1 st June 1941 British government introduces clothing and furniture.

27 Italy Surrenders, 28 th September 1943

28 Italians swap sides, 10 th October 1943 Italy declares war on Germany.

29 D-Day, 6 th June 1944 Allied troops land in Northern France for the battle of Normandy.

30 US troops enter Germany, 11 th September 1944

31 Battle of the Bulge, 16 th December 1944 Germany launches a final offensive on the west, officially called the Ardennes Offensive.

32 Hitler commits suicide, 30 th April 19454

33 Germany surrenders, 7 th May 1945 German General Alfred Jodi signs an unconditional surrender of all German forces.

34 VE Day, 8 th May 1945 (Victory in Europe)

35 End of World War 2, 2 nd September 1945 Japan surrenders sparking the official end of the war across the world.

36 Rationing ends, 4 th July 1954 People tear up ration books to celebrate.

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