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W.G.: Map Notes and Exercise

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1 W.G.: Map Notes and Exercise
by Mrs. Huffer Free Powerpoint Templates

2 Latitude: Equator = 0 degrees Parallel lines Up to 90 degrees North or South Equator divides Northern and Southern Hemispheres Run East and West Give North and South direction from Equator

3 90 degrees North 90 degrees South Northern Hemisphere
Equator 0 degrees Southern Hemisphere 90 degrees South

4 Longitude: Prime Meridian (PM)= 0 degrees
Non Parallel (perpendicular) lines called Meridians Up to 180 degrees East and West 180 degrees is the International Date Line (IDL) Prime Meridian divides Eastern and Western Hemispheres Run North and South Give East and West direction from PM

5 N W E S Prime Meridian 0 degrees International Date Line 180 degrees
Western Hemisphere Eastern Hemisphere Prime Meridian 0 degrees International Date Line 180 degrees

6 Earths Movement:: Revolution: around sun = 365 ¼ days Every 4 years = Leap Year when add the extra day—February 29 Rotation on Axis = 1 time per day—Rotates East Atmosphere keeps us from noticing the movement

7 Seasons: Solstice = Winter/Summer Equinox = Spring/Fall
Earth is tilted 23 ½ degrees on its Axis Tropic of Cancer = 23 ½ degrees North Tropic of Capricorn = 23 ½ degrees South Tropic of Cancer Equator Tropic of Capricorn

8 Exercise: Please tell what direction you would travel to go from point A coordinates to point B coordinates. Take the shortest route—what direction would get you there quickest? A Coordinates B Coordinates Cardinal/ Intermediate Direction Traveled S 15 W E 91 N W 86 S E 33 S, S, 109 W

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