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“New” Monarchs JEOPARDY Jillian Epperson. Peo ple Count ries Events Chara cterist ics Voca b Concordat of Bologna Spain 100 200 300 400 500 Final Jeopardy:

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1 “New” Monarchs JEOPARDY Jillian Epperson

2 Peo ple Count ries Events Chara cterist ics Voca b Concordat of Bologna Spain 100 200 300 400 500 Final Jeopardy: New Monarchs

3 Absolutism did not emerge effectively until the 17 th century when _________came to power. 100

4 Louis XIV of France People

5 _______created the taille which instituted a direct tax on all land property. 200

6 Francis I People

7 Under_________Nobles were tried without a jury, could not confront witnesses, and were often tortured. 300

8 Henry VII People

9 The Dominican monk who oversaw the Spanish Inquisition 400

10 Tonas de Torquemada People

11 __________ was the most powerful ruler in Europe during the 16 th century. 500

12 Charles V People Bonus

13 ______was the son of the duke of York, and he seized power and instituted a strong- arm rule that lasted more than twenty years, briefly interrupted by Henry VI’s short-lived restoration. 1,000

14 Edward IV People

15 New Monarchs consolidated power and created the foundation for Europe’s first modern nation-states in __,__and____ 100

16 France, England, and Spain Countries

17 Mercenary soldiers were recruited from ______and______to form the major part of the king’s army. 200

18 Switzerland and Germany Countries

19 Defeat of the duchy of Burgundy in 1477 removed the threat of a new state in_____________. 300

20 France Countries

21 What country entered into commercial treaties with England, Portugal, and the Hanseatic League? 400

22 France Countries

23 The Holy Roman Empire consisted of 300 semi- autonomous ___________states. 500

24 German Countries Bonus

25 The latter half of the fifteenth century was considered a period of especially difficult political trial for the _____. 1,000

26 English Countries

27 __________________oc cured when two noble families, the House of York and the House of Lancaster fought a civil war to gain the crown. 100

28 War of the Roses Events

29 After the Hundred Years’ War and the Great Schism in the church, the nobility and the clergy were: 200

30 In decline Events

31 Maximillian I gained territory in eastern France after his marriage to: 300

32 Mary of Burgundy Events

33 The French nation- building had two political coner-stones in the fifteenth century. What were they? 400

34 1 st : Collapse of the English Empire in France 2 nd : Defeat of Charles the Bold Events

35 What established a seven member electoral college consisting of the archbishops of Mainz, Trier, and Cologne?. 500

36 Golden Bull Events Bonus

37 In the fifteenth century, an effort was made to control incessant feuding by the creation of an imperial diet known as the _____. 1,000

38 Reichstag Events

39 The New Monarchs reduced the power of the____________. 100

40 Nobility Characteristics

41 In return for the nobles’ support for the_______________, they gained titles and offices in the royal court 200

42 King Characteristics

43 The advent of _____________ increased the vulnerability of noble armies and their knights. 300

44 Gunpowder Characteristics

45 400 The New Monarchies increased the political influence of the_______________

46 Bourgeoisie Characteristics

47 500 In return for receiving more political influence, the bourgeoisie brought in___________.

48 Revenues to the crown Characteristics Bonus

49 Innovative funding devices in the fifteenth century included____and______. 1,000

50 Sale of public offices and the issuance of interest government bonds. Characteristics

51 100 With this, the king of France had the power to appoint bishops to the Gallican Church:

52 Concordat of Bologna

53 200 The Concordat of Bologna represented a major blow to _________________infl uence.

54 Papal Concordat of Bologna

55 300 France’s control over the Concordat of Bologna was one reason why it didn’t become__________.

56 Protestant Concordat of Bologna

57 400 French entry into__________set the stage for the first four major wars with Spain.

58 Italy Concordat of Bologna

59 500 The victory of _____________won the Concordat of Bologna from the pope in August 1516.

60 France at Marignano in September 1515 Concordat of Bologna Bonus

61 Assisted by the powerful allies, ____ drove the Venetians out of Romagna in 1509 and fully secured the Papal states. 1,000

62 Pope Julius Concordat of Bologna

63 100 Marriage of ____and______unified Spain

64 Ferdinand and Isabella Spain

65 200 Spain had three religions(____,___and__ _______) that coexisted with a certain degree of toleration

66 Islam, Judaism, and Christianity Spain

67 300 In Spain, converted Jews were called______and Muslims were called______

68 Conversos, Moriscos Spain

69 400 ________was the first to rule over a united Spain.

70 Charles I Spain

71 500 Ferdinand and Isabella sponsored the Genoese adventurer _________.

72 Christopher Columbus Spain Bonus

73 Both ___and____ had been poorly ruled and divided kingdoms in the mid- fifteenth century. 1,000

74 Castile and Aragon Spain

75 Salt Tax 100

76 Gabelle Vocab

77 Civil Servants in Castile 200

78 Corregiodores Vocab

79 Ferdinand and Isabella rarely called the ____ into session. 300

80 Cortes Vocab

81 In the Wars of the Roses York’s symbol was a ____ 400

82 White Rose Vocab

83 Lancaster’s symbol was a ___ 500

84 Red rose Vocab Bonus

85 A powerful league of cities and towns 1,000

86 Hermandad Vocab

87 The feudal monarchy of the High Middle Ages was characterized by the division of the basic powers of government between the ____ and his _____. 1,000

88 King, semi-autonomous vassals Final Jeopardy

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