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Georgia Studies Unit 9: Personal Finance Lesson 1: Personal Finance

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1 Georgia Studies Unit 9: Personal Finance Lesson 1: Personal Finance
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2 Lesson 1: Personal Finance
ESSENTIAL QUESTION: Why is it important to save money? Why is good credit important and what dangers are associated with credit? How might an individual increase their income potential?

3 Personal Income Income – Amount of money that a person makes by selling products or by providing a service. Young citizens may have income from an allowance, gifts, or for completing chores at home. Older citizens receive income from working a job and receiving a paycheck. Most people have two choices of what to do with income: Spend money Save money for the future (Savings) A budget (spending-and-savings plan) can help a person decide how to spend and/or save their money.

4 Investing of Income Saving is really a form of investing.
Investing – Putting money aside in order to receive a greater benefit in the future. Money can be invested in financial assets such as bank accounts, certificates of deposit, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. One of the major benefits of investing is that your money often earns a certain amount of interest which can then add to your total income. Money can also be invested in a new business (capital) and serve as an additional source of income.

5 New Businesses Entrepreneurs - A person who creates, organizes, and manages a business. The main goal of an entrepreneur is to make profit. Profit is the monetary gain a business owner makes by selling goods or providing services. The total amount of profit a business makes comes from the following equation: Total Income – Total expenses = Profit Risk v. Reward – Entrepreneurs have to risk money that they have invested in their company (capital) in order to try and make a profit. New businesses also provide new jobs to the local economy of a city or region and increase tax revenue (more taxes paid to the government).

6 Importance of Georgia Based Businesses
Businesses, such as Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Georgia-Pacific, and Home Depot are very important to the economy of GA. Each of these provide services and products to people around the world and help to provide job opportunities for people around GA and the United States.

7 Credit Credit – The ability to buy something now and pay for it later over a period of time. Forms of credit commonly used by consumers: Car Loans Home Mortgages Credit Cards College Loans Credit allows people to buy things that normally they would have a difficult time affording. Credit always involves a finance charge or the payment of interest and may also involve the payment of fees. Excessive borrowing can be a problem, however, as the person may not be able to make the payments and the products charged (if they are consumable or expire) may be gone long before the loan is paid.

8 Personal Finance Videos
BrainPop – Banking BrainPop – Money BrainPop – Taxes BrainPop – Budgets BrainPop – Credit Cards BrainPop – Interest GMS BrainPop Login Information: Username: Odyssey Password: odysseyschool

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