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THIS IS With Hosts... Your 100 200 300 400 500 Geographic Regions of GA Geography Terms GA’s 7 Wonders Hodge Podge Georgia’s Climate Hodge Podge II.

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4 With Hosts... Your

5 100 200 300 400 500 Geographic Regions of GA Geography Terms GA’s 7 Wonders Hodge Podge Georgia’s Climate Hodge Podge II

6 This region lies between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Appalachian Plateau. The area has Low open valleys and narrow ridges. Also known for it’s apples. Geo Regions 100

7 What is The Ridge and Valley Region Geo Regions 100

8 This region has gently sloping hills in the north and flatlands in the south. It stretches from the foothills in Northern Georgia to the central part of the state. Geo Regions 200

9 What is The Piedmont Geo Regions 200

10 This region is also known as the “TAG Corner”. It is the smallest geographic region of Georgia. This region is also called the Cumberland Plateau. Geo Regions 300

11 What is The Appalachian Plateau Region Geo Regions 300

12 This region in Georgia is known for it’s rugged beauty. It is located in the northeastern part of the state, and is part of the Appalachian Highlands stretched from New York to Alabama. Also contains the highest peak in Georgia. Geo Regions 400

13 What is The Blue Ridge Region Civil War 400

14 This area occupies about 3/5 of the state. This is a major agricultural region. It is the largest region in Georgia. Geo Regions 500

15 What is The Coastal Plain Geo Regions 500

16 This is the point at which the hilly or mountainous lands meet the coastal plain. Geo Terms 100

17 What is the Fall Line Geo Terms 100

18 This is a low-lying area where water lies close to the surface creating sloughs, swamps, bogs, ponds, and marshes. Geo Terms 200

19 What is A Wetland Geo Terms 200

20 These protect the coastal beaches by blocking much of the wind, sands, and water that could erode the mainland. Geo Terms 300

21 What are Barrier Islands Geo Terms 300

22 This is the portion of the continent that extends into the ocean. Geo Terms 400

23 What is The Continental Shelf Geo Terms 400

24 This term describes the water that Flows between the barrier islands And the mainland. Geo Terms 500

25 What is Inter coastal Waterway Geo Terms 500

26 This solid granite mountain rises 750 ft above GA’s piedmont. It has a confederate memorial carved into it’s side. 7 Wonders 100

27 What is Stone Mountain 7 Wonders 100

28 This wonder is known as the “Little Grand Canyon”. It is located near Lumpkin, GA and is a state park. 7 Wonders 200

29 What is Providence Canyon 7 Wonders 200

30 This wonder was often frequented by a Progressive Era President and is known for the naturally warm water that flows from the hillsides of Pine mountain. 7 Wonders 300

31 What is Warm Springs 7 Wonders 300

32 DAILY DOUBLE Place A Wager

33 This wonder covers half a million acres and was once part of the Atlantic Ocean floor. 7 Wonders 400

34 What is The Okeefenokee Swamp States & Capitals 400

35 This wonder is often called the “Niagara Falls of the South”. Characterized by granite walls and steep cliffs. 7 Wonders 500

36 What is Tallulah Gorge 7 Wonders 500

37 This is the term that describes physical features such as mountains or plateaus. Hodge Podge 100

38 What is Topography Hodge Podge 100

39 The term that describes the halves of the earth. Hodge Podge 200

40 What is Hemisphere Hodge Podge 200

41 These lines are often called parallels. They run from east to west, but measure from north to south. Hodge Podge 300

42 What are Lines of latitude Hodge Podge 300

43 These lines are known as Meridians. They run from North to South but measure from East to West. Hodge Podge 400

44 What are Lines of Longitude Hodge Podge 400

45 This term refers to a places exact location on the earth’s surface. Hodge Podge 500

46 What is Absolute Location Hodge Podge 500

47 This term describes a continuous movement or flow of air. Georgia’s Climate 100

48 What is a Wind current Georgia’s Climate 100

49 This term describes warmer tan normal pacific Ocean temperatures and causes erratic weather patterns Georgia’s Climate 200

50 What is El Nino Georgia’s Climate 200

51 This type of weather phenomena uses heat from water that is 80 degrees or warmer to spawn high winds and heavy waves. Georgia’s Climate 300

52 What is a Hurricane Georgia’s Climate 300

53 This is a term that describes “rivers in the ocean” Georgia’s Climate 400

54 What is Ocean Current Georgia’s Climate 400

55 Georgia’s mild climate gives the state four distinct what? Georgia’s Climate 500

56 What are Seasons Georgia’s Climate 500

57 Hodge Podge II 100 How many barrier islands does Georgia have?

58 What is 14 Hodge Podge II 100

59 Hodge Podge II 200 Name three crops that are grown in the Coastal Plain

60 Hodge Podge II 200 What are Peanuts, Cotton, and Onions

61 The highest peak in Georgia is? Hodge Podge II 300

62 What is Brasstown Bald Hodge Podge II 300

63 Hodge Podge II 400 Atlanta is located in what geographic region?

64 Hodge Podge II 400 What is the Piedmont

65 Hodge Podge II 500 What is the official state song of Georgia?

66 What is “Georgia On My Mind” War Presidents 500

67 The Final Jeopardy Category is Major Cities in Georgia Please record your wager

68 Name four of the eight largest cities in Georgia.

69 What are Augusta, Macon, Atlanta, Savannah, Columbus, Albany, Athens, or Rome

70 Thank You for Playing

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