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THIS IS With Hosts... Your 100 200 300 400 500 Georgia’s Natural Res. Georgia’s Waterways Early Settlers Indian Nations in GA VocabularyHodge Podge.

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4 With Hosts... Your

5 100 200 300 400 500 Georgia’s Natural Res. Georgia’s Waterways Early Settlers Indian Nations in GA VocabularyHodge Podge

6 This natural resource, found in Georgia, was used to carve the Lincoln Memorial GA Natural Resources 100

7 What is Georgia Marble GA Natural Resources 100

8 This natural resource is mined at the fall line. It’s uses include: coating for paper, filler for paint, plastics and rubber, & porcelain Georgia’s Natural Resources 200

9 What is Kaolin GA Natural Resources 200

10 This natural resource found in Georgia is used primarily in kitty litter. It can also be used in soaps and medicines. GA Natural Resources 300

11 What is Fuller’s Earth GA Natural Resources 300

12 In what town is most of Georgia’s gold found? GA Natural Resources 400

13 What is Dahlonega GA Natural Resources 400

14 What is the mineral mined in Georgia that is only mined in Augusta? GA Natural Resources 500

15 What is Quartzite GA Natural Resources 500

16 The only ocean that touches Georgia GA Waterways 100

17 What is the Atlantic Ocean GA Waterways 100

18 Between the barrier islands and the mainland is a four to six mile band of what? (It is a coastal waterway) GA Waterways 200

19 What are Salt Water Marshes GA Waterways 200

20 What are two of the four rivers that flow through Georgia and into the Atlantic Ocean? GA Waterways 300

21 What are the Savannah, Ogeechee, Altamaha, and Satilla GA Waterways 300

22 This is the term used to describe an area where freshwater and saltwater mix. GA Waterways 400

23 What are Estuaries GA Waterways 400

24 This river separates Georgia and South Carolina GA Waterways 500

25 What is The Savannah River GA Waterways 500

26 This Indian culture lasted from 1000 B.C. until 1000 A.D. and were best known for creating the bow and arrow Early Settlers 100

27 Who were the Woodland Indians Early Settlers 100

28 This Indian culture began about 700 A.D. They built moats and palisades, had tattoos, wore feather headdresses, and built burial mounds. Early Settlers 200

29 Who were The Mississippian Indians Early Settlers 200

30 These were the earliest settlers. The name given to them means “very old”. They used weapons such as the atlatl. Early Settlers 300

31 Who were the Paleo Indians Early Settlers 300

32 DAILY DOUBLE Place A Wager

33 This group of settlers were separated into 3 periods. They relied on gathering food, hunting small game, and eventually planted crops. Early Settlers 400

34 Who were the Archaic Indians Early Settlers 400

35 What type of rock was used by the early settlers to fashion spearheads, and later arrow heads. Early Settlers 500

36 What is Shale Early Settlers 500

37 One of two main Indian Nations in Georgia. The nation was made up of the Yamacraw, Yamasee, Ocmulgee, Oconee, Chiaha, & Apalachicola. Their true name was Muscogee. Indian Nations in GA 100

38 Who were the Creek Indian Nations in GA 100

39 This is the other Indian Nation that settled in Georgia. They were separated into tribes, then clans. They had a government, and later would develop a written language. Indian Nations in GA 200

40 Who were The Cherokee Indian Nations in GA 200

41 Within a tribe there was a smaller group of people who believed that they were related. Indian Nations in GA 300

42 What is A Clan Indian Nations in GA 300

43 The Cherokee traced their lineage through the mother. What is the term that describes this? Indian Nations in GA 400

44 What is Matrilineal Indian Nations in GA 400

45 The Cherokee had a law that was used to prevent feuds. The law was designed so that members of the tribe could “get even” Indian Nations in GA 500

46 What is The Law of Retaliation Indian Nations in GA 500

47 This type of economy (used by Native Americans) did not involve the use of money, only the exchange of goods or services. Vocab 100

48 What is a Barter Economy Vocab 100

49 This Cherokee Clan were known as the “keepers of the earth” and were associated with the color green. Vocab 200

50 Who were the Wild Potato Clan Vocab 200

51 Most tribes had two of these, one for making war, and one for peace. Vocab 300

52 What is a Chief Vocab 300

53 Georgia has this type of tide, meaning there are two low tides and two high tides each day. Vocab 400

54 What is A Semidiurnal Tide Vocab 400

55 Georgia has two of these, one is located in Savannah, the other in Brunswick Vocab 500

56 What is A deep water seaport Vocab 500

57 Hodge Podge 100 This term means the rise and fall of sea level due to the gravitational pull of the moon.

58 What is a Tide Hodge Podge 100

59 Hodge Podge 200 This rivers name means “river of the painted rock” in Cherokee.

60 Hodge Podge 200 What is the Chattahoochee River

61 These are constructed to hold or reserve water for parts of Georgia that do not have much goundwater. Hodge Podge 300

62 What is a Reservoir Hodge Podge 300

63 Hodge Podge 400 The first settlers in our country are believed to be Asians who came to North America using the….

64 Hodge Podge 400 What is the Bering Land Bridge

65 Hodge Podge 500 What is the difference between an archaeologist And an archaeologist

66 Archaeologist- find and use artifacts to study the past Anthropologist- use artifacts to study culture. War Presidents 500

67 The Final Jeopardy Category is Cherokee Clans Please record your wager

68 There were seven Cherokee clans that made up the Cherokee Nation. Name three of them (not including the Wild Potato Clan)

69 Who were the; Blue Clan, Long Hair Clan, Bird Clan, Deer Clan, Wolf Clan, & Paint Clan

70 Thank You for Playing

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