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Ch. 6, Medieval Europe Gr. 7.

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1 Ch. 6, Medieval Europe Gr. 7

2 Review Sections 6-1,6-2 Section 1, The Early Middle Ages
Saw the blending of Christian, Germanic, and Roman ways to create a new civilization in Western Europe.

3 Review Section 2 What makes you feel safe?

4 *Review Section 2: Farmers in the Middle Ages were victims of invaders and looked to nobles for safety. Feudalism emerged to meet people’s needs.

5 *FYI Middle Ages “Middle” period between the fall of the Roman Empire and the rise of modern Europe. Historians labeled this period as the “Dark Ages” because of the lack of written records created during this time.

6 Don’t be mislead by title of “Dark Ages” as this time period marked a time when great achievements occurred.

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