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Welcome to Timberwolf Football Certain materials in this presentation are included under the fair use exemption of the U.S. Copyright Law and have been.

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2 Welcome to Timberwolf Football Certain materials in this presentation are included under the fair use exemption of the U.S. Copyright Law and have been prepared according to the multimedia fair use guidelines and are restricted from further use.

3 8 th grade staff Ed Burleson-Campus Athletic Coordinator & head football coach-8 th grade linebackers & offensive backs Greg Alexander-8 th grade offensive & defensive linemen -head track coach Steve Raska-8 th grade receivers & defensive backs-Head basketball coach

4 7 th grade staff Cameron Goddard-7 th grade offensive backs & linebackers- Asst. track Eban Atkins-7 th grade offensive & defensive linemen-Asst. track coach Jerry Fehlker-7 th grade offensive receivers & defensive backs-7 th grade basketball coach

5 Sportsmanship Officials Opposing team Your child Other team members Refer to gym sign & Code of Conduct in physical folder.

6 Order Form-Yard Sign (Web)


8 How Can You Get or Send Information? Phone Fax Coach’s web page (the best source) Rank One website E-mail

9 Phone

10 Fax Athletics # =832-249- 4073

11 Coach’s Web Page m/TX/Schindewolf/C oachBurleson

12 Rank One website

13 E-mail

14 Physicals Must: 1.Use our form 2.Be current (within last year) 3.Include 6 parent signatures next to s 4.Include 4 student signatures next to s 5.Code of Conduct form inside of physical form.


16 Insurance 1.Review insurance letter that went home or pick one up. (website) 2.If insurance is desired, you may sign up online (Website-Links)) 3.Costs-Premier= $93/$64, 24 Hr.=$195/$127, extended dental= $9 (Costs depends on premier or economy coverage) DO NOT CHOOSE FB COVERAGE

17 Insurance FAQs KISD has a policy on every athlete in the program with a $500 deductible Parent’s insurance is primary, KISD is secondary

18 Insurance FAQS Will the $500.00 deductible be applied even if the parent’s insurance pays part of the bill? Yes, unless the parent purchases the voluntary student insurance

19 Insurance FAQs What if the parents have no other insurance? The district policy will pay as the primary, minus the $500.00 deductible

20 Insurance FAQS Are there other advantages in purchasing the school insurance? Yes, it will also cover other activities and the 24 hour coverage will cover at home and in the summer

21 To File a Claim 1.Submit claim form within 90 days of accident (Coach Alexander) 2.Begin treatment within 90 days of accident 3.Submit 1 claim form per accident 4.Submit charges to primary insurance carrier first

22 Injuries Report it to coach immediately Klein Collins trainer is available Treatment begins @ 6:45AM At games the school nurse, a trainer, or EMS is on duty Coach Alexander will fill out a first report of injury electronically. For a copy give us your email address.

23 Sports Medicine KISD has an exclusive contract with the Methodist Center for Orthopaedic Surgery & Sports Medicine Willowbrook. For appointments call 281-737-0902 Exclusive provider for the Texans, Astros, Dynamo, & Rice. They are in network with our current insurance coverage.

24 Calendar Please pick one up & refer to it for game times, sites, & practice times (Web) Please pick up your child at the designated location (tennis courts) on time.

25 Equipment KISD provides except for cleats. May use personal shoulder pads & helmets if approved by coach. Must sign a waiver if using your own. Helmet must be plain white

26 Practices Will end on time (see calendar) (Web) Water breaks are scheduled Discuss hydration & nutrition with your child

27 You need 8 glasses per day min! Plain water, milk, and juice are best sources. Fruits & veggies give you water too! Caffeine causes you to lose water through increased urination No coffee, less tea, and less sodas!

28 Nutrition ABC’s for Good Health Aim for Fitness- Daily physical activity Build a Healthy Base- Good food choices and breakfast is a must. Choose Sensibly- Appropriate beverages (water, Gatorade) and healthy foods.

29 Teams 7 th Grade Navy, Silver, White 8 th Grade Navy, Silver, White Teams are divided generally by ability level, with Navy being the higher level “C” or White games (see schedules) (Web)

30 Transportation: All will ride bus to games. On away games the 7 th grade white (C) team will return to school after the game. The silver (B) will stay until A game is completed. You may sign your child out & leave after game. The 8th C & B teams stay until the end of the (A) game unless you sign them out after game. Can only sign out your child.

31 No Pass-No Play Any F’s on report card results in student becoming ineligible Remains ineligible for 3 weeks May regain eligibility by passing all courses at progress report time

32 Discipline ISS – May not play or practice on day assigned. Missed practices diminishes playing time. Unexcused absences requires additional work after practice. Continued discipline problems will result in removal from team. Parent will be called first.

33 Parent volunteers 3-For chain crew 2-Press Box (Announcer & spotter) 1-Clock keeper 1-Camcorder operator 1-Coordinator!!!!!

34 Closing Any questions? Inform staff when your child must miss practice. Prefer emails. 8 th - 7 th - th - eburleson@kleinisd.net7 th - Monitor your child’s grades. Keep schedules handy. Sign up for News/Flash for game day changes, canceled practices, etc.

35 Reminders: Pick up any forms needed. Turn in any forms you have. Sign up for volunteers. Come out and support your Timberwolves. Thank you for your attendance! Website, website, website,website!

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