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MOOMNEIGH M Bachelor of Science in Business: Worked in Retail Management for 5 years Worked as a Flight Attendant for 14 years Master of Arts in.

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5 Bachelor of Science in Business: Worked in Retail Management for 5 years Worked as a Flight Attendant for 14 years Master of Arts in Teaching : Taught 4 th grade for 8 years at Westchase Elementary




9  HCPS Scale: A, B, C, N, U  Report cards issued quarterly  Progress Alerts mid-term if grade is C or lower  You can ALWAYS ask for student grade information -but please give me a day to retrieve.  No extra credit-but extra time  Points for going above-and-beyond and real- world connections

10  Set students up for success by directly communicating expectations, redirecting, and removing students from challenging situations  The Golden Rule &“Two wrongs don’t make it right”  Zero tolerance for bullying, weapons or reference to weapons, inappropriate language or gestures-referral to office

11  Moumne Money/Monthly Moumne Store

12 Three-Tiered Visual Reminder: Green- all is fabulous Yellow-minor infraction so self-monitor actions Red-Continued off-task/inappropriate behavior …student will write a note to the parent in the agenda (in ink) and have the parent sign the agenda…teacher will record memo in behavior book. Student may be asked to have a time-out. Parents are always welcomed to contact me for more information and I may call/email you.  Three red days in a grading period will result in a Behavior Progress Alert.  Multiple Behavior Progress Alerts will result in a Behavior Indicator on the report card and affect academic awards.

13  Homework is due the day after it is assigned  Note from parent if extenuating circumstance  Oops pass-one day’s grace period  *Homework is not routinely graded-I check for completion only- RISK FREE  Should be completed by the student with minimal assistance  Should not routinely exceed 45 minutes of written homework in 5 th grade  If homework is missing, lost, forgotten, incomplete, or eaten by the dog- note by student in agenda and note in teacher’s behavior log. May lead to Behavior Indicator on the report card if excessive. (3 or more)- save your Oops Pass for this!

14 If your child is contagious-please keep him/her home You are asked to call the attendance line before 10 am to advise the school if your child is absent. 631-4600 ext 1 Please let me know via email EARLY IN THE DAY if you want make-up work sent home Not all learning experiences can be re-created at home Students should come directly to me the day he/she returns from an absence to ask about make-up work.

15 No interruptions during instructional time so forgotten lunches should be placed in the cafeteria All parents must sign in at the front office with photo ID and receive a visitor’s sticker between 8 am and 2:15pm No student sign-outs after 1:45pm Lunch at the picnic tables with anyone other than the parent/guardian must have permission from the student’s parent. Changes in dismissal must be communicated by the parent in writing What am I forgetting?

16 My goal each day is to create learning experiences which will engage students and ultimately lead to student success this year. Ideally each student will become an independent learner and be college-ready by the end of 12 th grade. Ultimately the students will be productive and happy members of adult society. ALL MY DECISIONS ABOUT MY STUDENTS REVOLVE AROUND THESE IDEAS.


18 Hands-On when possible Science Text online Reading in Science Science FCAT -Nature of Science, Physical, Earth, and Life STEM Fair Science Olympics

19 MUST be in class each day Complete record of science learning and used for assessment Required items- 1.Daily updated Table of Contents 2.Page title/labels, dates, and page numbers 3.Labeled drawings/diagrams 4.Legible/Neat 5.Sequential pages-Do not skip pages 6.Reflections must be written in complete sentences with proper capitalization and punctuation. 7.NO LOOSE PAPERS SHOVED IN

20 Select 5 th Grade form the dropdown menu Then click “Open my NGConnect”

21 Select the Big Ideas Book under “My Books”

22 Select the Big Ideas Book Choose the picture of the book you want from the top OR

23 Use the hyperlinks next to the chapter titles or the page selector at the bottom

24 Embedded during Science and Math LEGOS Robotics Program Robotics Notebook Design Challenges

25 Go Math Books/Folder-also online PENCIL for problem solving/PEN for checking “New Math”-alternate ways, show thinking, explain Notebooks-required items 1.Pencil 2.Sequential Pages. No skipped pages 3.Labeled/Dates/Corresponding pages 4.Neatly written 5.In class each day

26 Think Central Overview entralParents

27 District Guidelines for Math do not allow for students to take home any Math Assessments. I will send a “parent score report” home for your signature after each Chapter Test. If you would like to view your child's test, please arrange a time with me to come in and take a look at it. Math Tests


29 Will be taught by the homeroom teachers.

30  Homeroom Parent(s)-PTA contact  Copy Parent  Fall Festival  End of the Year Activities-committee

31 Thank you very much for coming in today and for being my partner in your child’s education! *Please take and complete the survey (and first day paperwork for homeroom students) at home with your child *Make sure you have my contact information, Policies and Procedures, technology information


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